Astronomy for the Utterly Confused

Astronomy for the Utterly Confused

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Astronomy for the Utterly Confused

Astronomy for the Utterly Confused

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Product No:
Dr. Terry Jones & Jeanne Hanson
McGraw Hill
Edition Date:
February 2007
175 x 231 x 25 mm
386 g
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29425 (See Top 100 in Books)

Product Description

Make sense of the stars-and everything else in the sky!

You don't need to be an astrophysicist to enjoy the wonders of the cosmos. But it helps to learn some basics about the vast reaches of space-such as how gravity works, what black holes are, or why some stars become supernovas.

If you've got questions about star systems, galaxies, quasars, or any other topic in basic astronomy, Professor Terry Jones is here with the answers. He'll show you not just how to look at the stars in the sky, but how to know which ones you're looking at. You'll learn how the planets and stars were formed, what dark matter and dark energy are, and even where and when to look for the next comet. With Astronomy for the Utterly Confused, you'll enjoy our universe on a whole new level. You'll also find:

  • Hundreds of photographs of astronomical phenomena
  • Latest data on the age of the universe, the location of Earth in the Milky Way, and details about our galaxy
  • Over 400 self-testing questions and answers
  • Fun facts in Astronomy, such as the Four Top Meteor Showers and Dates When They Can Be Seen

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