Electronic Navigation

Electronic Navigation

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Electronic Navigation

Electronic Navigation

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Mike Scanlan
Edition Date:
April 2003
181 x 260 x 12 mm
504 g
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7078 (See Top 100 in Books)

Product Description

New electronic navigation systems such as the Global Positioning System allow sailors to pinpoint their positions with an accuracy never before thought possible. It is debatable, however, whether these systems have actually improved the safety of navigation. With the introduction of radar in the 1950s 'radar-assisted collisions' began to occur. Even today, in spite of - or perhaps because of - the extremely sophisticated radars now in use, the number of such collisions is not decreasing. And, we are now becoming accustomed to 'GPS-assisted groundings'.

Many sailors forget that electronic navigation systems can only calculate, they cannot think. To overcome this problem, the modern navigator must take the time to learn about these new systems, so that he or she understands how these systems work: what they can do and, perhaps more importantly, what they cannot do.

This book will show you all you need to know about radar, GPS and electronic charts, including their values and their pitfalls. Armed with this knowledge anyone will be able to practise a more cautious approach to navigation, and not just blindly accept the answers provided by these remarkable instruments.

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