Ghost of the Alkimos

Ghost of the Alkimos

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Ghost of the Alkimos

Ghost of the Alkimos

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Jack Wong Sue
L Smith Pty Ltd
Edition Date:
December 2003
148 x 210 x 9 mm
250 g
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636 (See Top 100 in Books)

Product Description

Constructed in 10 days, she was just one of the 2751 Congress approved American express Liberty ships of World War 2.

As part of the American express sea transports, she slid into the cold waters of Baltimore in 1943 with a name change from George M Shriver to Viggo Hansteen. She became a jinxed vessel of World War 2.

Her short 18 month service saw many of her ilk as sitting fodder for Nazi U Boats. But, she was covered in all sorts of mystery. Some claimed welders had been sealed between hulls during hasty construction - their ghosts left to haunt the vessel. A mysterious murder suicide fuelled speculation upon the sea going ghost rider.

After World War 2, the converted freighter was renamed Alkimos. Many claimed to have been terrified by an evil ghoul dressed in oilskins.

In 1964, the Alkimos mysteriously foundered on the WA coast near Perth. Her death notice signalled a new beginning of terror for the uninvited who dared to venture aboard her.

Boats disappeared, tools and equipment simply vanished. Cooking smells waffled from empty and powerless galleys. Claims of strange mysterious deaths, sickness and injury, ghosts and associated exotic ghost stories plagued the wreck of the ex World War 2 Liberty ship.

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