The Knot Handbook

The Knot Handbook

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The Knot Handbook

The Knot Handbook

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Product No:
Maria Costantino
Kerswell Books
Edition Date:
December 2008
165 x 209 x 18 mm
590 g
Sales Rank:
7091 (See Top 100 in Books)

Product Description

It's the most complete handbook on knot tying ever published!

Whipping and coiling, loops and binding, hitches, bends, plaits, sennits, and lashings: to most of us the word "knot" means that frustrating tangle in a piece of string or the tie in our shoelaces. But there are many different types, and each one serves a different and very useful purpose. Stopper knots prevent the ends of a rope from fraying, for instance, while shortening knots form a noose or shorten the cord with no need for cutting. And, no matter which one you need to tie, it's in here, beautifully shown in colour close-up, how-to photographs, along with information on types of rope, rope making, maintenance, and terminology.

Among the many types shown:

  • an alpine coil, preferred by climbers
  • the overhand, both the simplest of all and the basis of most other knots
  • the strong midshipman's hitch, great for securing tents
  • and many, many others.

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