The Last New Guinea Salvage Pirate

The Last New Guinea Salvage Pirate

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The Last New Guinea Salvage Pirate

The Last New Guinea Salvage Pirate

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Fritz Herscheid
Oceans Enterprises
Edition Date:
July 2006
174 x 251 x 30 mm
1.5 kg
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845 (See Top 100 in Books)

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At the end of the Pacific war, the islands north of Australia were littered with thousands of tons of Japanese naval and merchant ships. Some readily accessible ships were legally salvaged for their non-ferrous materials soon after the end of hostilities. However, hundreds of vessels remained untouched, or just superficially salvges, in the sixties and seventies, tempting private salvors to seek their fortune. Some did so legally, some without salvage rights, and others did it both ways.

Fritz Herscheid was such a person, a young, adventurous man who arrived in Rabaul in 1967 as a diesel mechanic, learnt to dive - and the rest is now documented history. This is a fascinating biography of literally death-defying dives at depths far below the accepted level on air, of encounteres with marine life that protested at the intrusion into their environment, of legal and illegal salvage of propellers and condenser tubes and anything else of value in an often hositile and competitive environment.

Many of the vessels mentioned will be recognised by sport divers who have, later, visited Papua New Guinea, particularly to Rabaul, New Ireland and New Hanover, and mainland northern PNG.

The book gives a down-to-earth personal account of some fifteen years of constant danger with with explosives, dive equipment, salvage vssels and bureacracy - and the many encounters with sharks, both in and out of the water! It chronicles the determination and fierce rivalry between salvagers, the risks and gains, of stupidity and intuitiveness, and the actual and close calls with death in remote locations rarely visited by the white man. No book has ever covered such a topic.

The book also provides a comprehensive shipwreck reference of known diveable wrecks in PNG waters. A remarkable book and a wonderful contribution to our documented maritime and military knowledge of the Pacific.

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