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The Long Farewell }

The Long Farewell

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product no: 17310
author: Don Charlwood
publisher: Burgewoode Books
edition: 3rd Edition
edition date: April 2000
pages: 324
size: 134 x 210 x 23 mm
weight: 412 g
format: Paperback
sales rank: 1828

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During the 19th century more than a million people, many of whom had never ventured beyond their homes in Britain, sailed to the new colonies of Australia. On their months-long voyage the emigrants lived in a state of limbo - isolated, belonging neither to the old world nor to the new, and living in fear of icebergs, fever and storms. Drawing on a wealth of contemporary records, Don Charlwood evokes their experiences: the physical dangers, stress, boredom and personalities of travellers on their way to a new life.

The author read more than 120 diaries kept by immigrants on the long sailing ship voyages to Australia, and numerous letters the settlers wrote home. He tells about the perils, the ships and their routes, accommodation on board, surgeons and health, messing and dining, pastimes and consolations, the crew and the new shore.

Winner of the NSW Premier's Literary Awards' Ethnic Affairs Commission Award in 1982.

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The Schomberg, described at 'the noblest ship that ever floated upon the water', was the pride of the British shipbuilding; its captain, the daredevil 'Bully' Forbes, dreamed of reaching Melbourne in sixty days. But her loss off Curdie's River, on the southern tip of Australia, on her maiden voyage in 1855 spelt not only her end but his, and set in motion a chain of enquiries, recriminations and rumours.

But no Australian wreck is as well remembered as that of the Loch Ard; her loss is one of the great tragic and romantic stories. There were only two survivors - a girl of eighteen, Eva Carmichael, and Tome Pearce, about the same age, an apprentice, who saved her life. Their poignant story ultimately precipitated the end of the era of passenger-carrying ships at the turn to the new safety of steam.

Don Charlwood, himself a descendant of a survivor from the wreck of the Schomberg, brings together the mysterious tales of the Schomberg's loss and the story of the Loch Ard from his earlier book, The Wreck of the Loch Ard, in a compelling and highly readable record of the colonial clipper era and its effects on the history of the southern tip of Australia.
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