Voyages to the South Seas

Voyages to the South Seas

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Voyages to the South Seas

Voyages to the South Seas

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Danielle Clode
The Miegunyah Press
Edition Date:
April 2008
129 x 198 x 29 mm
476 g
Sales Rank:
6436 (See Top 100 in Books)

Product Description

Voyages to the South Seas is a swashbuckling adventure of ambition and discovery.

Through revolution and empire, war and bloodshed, France remained fascinated with Australia, sending expeditions of dedicated young men to explore the utopian Paradise of the Pacific and Australia to the frozen hell of Antarctica.

Voyages to the South Seas brings to life the changing society that launched these ambitious endeavours and the scientific discoveries they made. It is the story of noble men impoverished by their passion, nobodies made famous by courage and intellect and young men-and some women-who often risked their lives for adventure and excitement but above all, in the pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

This is Australia through French eyes-beautiful, mystifying, untouched nature-an Australia few Englishmen ever saw.

Winner of the 2007 Victorian Premier's Nettie Palmer Prize

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