Snorkeller's Guide to Rottnest

Snorkeller's Guide to Rottnest

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Snorkeller's Guide to Rottnest

Snorkeller's Guide to Rottnest

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Dr. Barry Hutchins
Swainston Publishing
Edition Date:
October 1998
149 x 210 x 5 mm
138 g
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65 (See Top 100 in Books)

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At first sight, Rottnest Island appears like one of the Greek Islands in the Mediterranean, a dry, rather barren bastion of limestone lined with beautiful white beaches and clear turquoise seas. It lies about 18 km off the Western Ausrtalian coast and is only a short ferry trip from the port city of Fremantle.

Visitors arriving at the island are easily tempted - even before they land - to tryout its sparkling waters. Leaning over the railing of the ferry as it nears the island, the more adventurous travellers try to picture what lies below the surface of the water. They often decide then and there to go underwater exploring as soon as they get ashore. But questions soon arise: where are the best places to snorkel, what is there to see, and where can snorkelling gear be hired?

Visitors wvho have previously spent time at the island may have found some interesting snorkelling spots, often by trial and error, but others may have been disappointed. What may look interesting from the shore may be unimpressive underwater. Furthermore, some bays always seem full of stinging jellyfish; are there other areas where the stingers are not a problem?

This booklet has been written to satisfy all of these demands; it also includes information on the best times to snorkel, the animals likely to be seen, what hazards may be present, and how to get to the best sites. There are even some tips to help novice snorkellers.

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