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South African Nautical Almanac }

South African Nautical Almanac

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product no: 23412
author: Tom Morgan
publisher: On Board Publications
edition: 9th Edition
edition date: October 2009
pages: 148
size: 149 x 210 x 9 mm
weight: 296 g
format: Paperback
sales rank: 3960

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This is the only complete book for navigating the coasts of South Africa and Namibia, this latest edition features new aerial photographs from Lambetts Bay to Plettenburg Bay and fully revised text.


  • Boating services directories
  • Sunrise & Sunset Time for Day Skippers
  • Navigation Tables including Celestial Calculator Almanac
  • Recommended by SAMSA
  • Revised SAFETY RULES
  • Pilotage, ports and facilities
  • Lights, Radio schedules and selected launch sites

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This companion to the South Atlantic Circuit covers several less well -known stopovers. Numerous free anchorages are included, where cruisers can enjoy the unspoilt South Atlantic coastline of South America. Over 90 newly drawn plans accompany the pilotage information for destinations from Natal, Brazil, in the north to Caleta Homo, Argentina, in the south.

Havens & Anchorages has been compiled from contributions collected by the Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation and infomation collected by the author. Entries are based on pilotage, and information given about most locations includes facilities, formalities and local attractions.

Tom Morgan set sail for South Africa with his family, where he was a columnist for SA Yachting and wrote the first South African Nautical Almanac. On Board Publications has just published the fifth edition for 2002/3. During their travels Tom compiled the South Atlantic Circuit.
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Do you want a new cruising ground where you can sail all year round? Without hurricanes and typhoons? With friendly people, good service and sensible costs?

The South Atlantic is the place. This book provides a wealth of information on a range of topics, including:

  • Recommended routes around the South Atlantic
  • Weather patterns when passage-making
  • Facilities available at ports of call
  • Communications on shore and at sea

The South Atlantic Circuit is the first comprehensive reference work for all those planning to visit this unspoilt cruising ground. No other book has more information about so many aspects of the South Atlantic. It includes route planning, safety and pilotage, port details, provisioning, regional weather, ocean currents and winds and weather, formalities, country information and much more ...

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