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London Street Atlas }

London Street Atlas

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product no: 23652
publisher: HarperCollins
edition date: May 2008
pages: 376
size: 134 x 198 x 19 mm
weight: 408 g
scale: 1:20 000 & 1:10 000
format: Paperback Road Atlas
sales rank: 13687

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description {

This handy little atlas features high quality Collins mapping. A huge amount of detail is contained within the mapping without compromising the clarity. Central London is mapped at a larger scale.

The atlas features extremely clear, attractive, full colour mapping with enlarged central area, a full index to places, street names and places of interest and Theatres and cinemas map, plus a shopping map. It also includes colour coded primary routes and public buildings, street markets and pedestrian streets and borough boundaries plus postal district boundaries and codes.

The maps extend from Epping Forest in the north to Chessington in the south and from Heathrow in the west to Bexley in the east.

This atlas, with its huge amount of detail and the clarity of the mapping is an essential purchase for all residents and businesses in and around London.

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