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1000 Great Places to Fish in Australia }

1000 Great Places to Fish in Australia

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product no: 23964
author: Steve Cooper
publisher: Explore Australia
edition: 1st Edition
edition date: November 2009
pages: 400
size: 134 x 190 x 27 mm
weight: 366 g
format: Paperback
sales rank: 1842

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description {

Long-time fishing writer Steve Cooper describes his top 1000 fishing spots around Australia in this entertaining new volume for keen anglers.

Cooper offers detailed information on how to get to his favourite fishing spots, highlights fish species in each area and recommends the best fishing methods, including rigs, baits, lures and flies.

The book also features many humourous and exciting fishing yarns from Cooper's own adventures. With this book as your guide, you'll never be lost for a new fishing spot to explore.

more books by this author {

Fishing Techniques is a practical guide written from many years of hands-on experience by respected angler and author Steve Cooper. Complemented by exciting photography and detailed diagrams, this information-rich book is easy to read and will be a continual reference for many thousands of anglers.

Includes details about:

  • Influencing factors (signs, weather, water temperature etc.)
  • Tackle (Gear selection & maintenance etc.)
  • Techniques (Bait, spinning, surf, flies, rigs etc.)
  • Favourite Saltwater Sportfish (Trevally, Tuna, Mackerel, Marlin, Shark & mixed species)
  • Favourite Freshwater Sportfish (Redfin, Bass, Perch, Cod, Yellowbelly)
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The Australian Fishing Manual is the one book all Australian fishers should own. The melding of facts and story telling about all kinds of fishing in Australia makes for an easy to read guide. The information flows freely and in great detail, allowing you to absorb years of experience chapter by chapter, ultimately making you a better fisher.

Whatever fish you are chasing whether trout, Murray cod, bream, kingfish, marlin or one of the host of others available in Australia, this book will teach you to select the right equipment, choose the right knot and the latest techniques to hook, fight and land your target fish whether you choose fly fishing, baitfishing, spinning or bluewater trolling.

Also, Steve Cooper's years of experience at fishing for just about every species of fish found around Australia enables you to maximise your chance of catching your fish by understanding the way that lunar cycles, tides and climatic factors like temperature and barometer affect the fishing.

Finally, detailed information about the distribution, behaviour, preferences, habits and best fishing methods for every popular saltwater and freshwater species gives you the edge when chasing them.

Steve Cooper has written more than a dozen fishing books including the very popular Fishing Techniques. He is a freelance writer, writing for both The Weekly Times and Melbourne Herald Sun, and he has won two W G. Walkley awards, Australia's highest journalism award. Steve has fished all over Australia and the South Pacific for over 45 years, accumulating a depth of knowledge of fishing that is second to none. He also has the ability and skills to share this knowledge with others and to turn them into better fishers.
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