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SUA Convention }

SUA Convention

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product no: 24314
publisher: IMO Publishing
edition: 2nd Edition
edition date: June 2006
pages: 90
size: 148 x 210 x 5 mm
weight: 209 g
format: Paperback
sales rank: 13716

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Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts.

This publication reproduces the texts of the original 1988 SUA Convention and Protocol, the Final Act of the 2005 Conference, the two protocols adopted by that Conference, as well as the consolidated text of the 2005 SUA Convention, and the consolidated text of the 2005 SUA Fixed Platforms Protocol.

IMO Code: IA462E

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The Code on Alerts and Indicators 2009, is intended to provide general design guidance and to promote uniformity of type, location and priority for alerts and indicators required by the SOLAS Convention, including relevant performance standards, and by the MARPOL Convention, as well as by other associated instruments and codes.

The Code will benefit designers and operators by consolidating in one document the references to priorities, aggregation, grouping, locations and types, including colours and symbols, of shipboard alerts and indicators.

This new Code updates, revises and replaces the Code on Alarms and Indicators 1995.

IMO Code: IB867E
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The International Convention on Load Lines, 1966 has been accepted by many States since it was adopted in 1966 and entered into force in July 1968. The Convention was modified by a Protocol in 1988; other States have accepted the Convention as modified by this 1988 Protocol, which entered into force in February 2000. The 1988 Protocol has been modified by the 2003 Amendments which were adopted by MSC.143(77) in June 2003 and entered into force in January 2005, and by the 2004 Amendments which were adopted by MSC.172(79) in December 2004 and are expected to come into force in July 2006.

This new publication contains the text of the 1966 Convention; the articles of the 1988 Protocol; a consolidated text of the 1966 Convention as modified by the 1988 Protocol, the 2003 and 2004 Amendments to the Protocol; and the unified interpretations of the Convention approved by the Maritime Safety Committee up to 2004.

Please note that this publication contains the text for those whose States are party to the original Load Lines Convention as well as the text for those States who are party to the amended Load Lines Convention. Please refer to your National Administration to see which applies to you.

IMO Code: IB701E
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