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Portland Navigational Triangle 200mm }

Portland Navigational Triangle 200mm

product details {

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product no: 25188
manufacturer: Blundell Harling
size: 220 x 235 x 10 mm
weight: 92 g
format: Set Square
sales rank: 1289

$25.00 (AUD incl. GST)buy

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description {

This 200mm set square features protractor markings and compass points with reciprocals in red, the scale is in millimetres. Manufactured from strong acrylic, this instrument is highly durable.

Portland Triangles are often used in pairs to form a parallel rule.

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This simple to use slide rule from Bludell Harling calculates the third variable given the other two (i.e. distance covered, given speed and elapsed time).

The outer sleeve manufactured from high impact plastic
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This course plotter is used worldwide by practical and shore based instructors. It features a bright blue directional arrow to prevent accidental reciprocal bearings and the edges are graduated for tide and boat speed.

The base has a fixed grid so it is easy to plot latitude from your GPS system and it comes with comprehensive instructions for use.
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