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Product Overview

Product No:
Replogle Globes
410 x 490 x 330 mm
1.4 kg
Educational Desk Globe
1:42 000 000
Sales Rank:
1934 (See Top 100 in Globes)

Product Description

Intelliglobe is the educational and entertaining globe that contains geography and general information that is truly interesting, useful, and thought provoking. Touch the wireless Intellipen to the globe to play games and explore amazing facts about the world.

The wireless Intellipen features 1GB of easily updatable memory and plays spoken audio in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and German. The globe itself is 12inch (30cm) in diameter and features a blue ocean political map.


  • 18 Touch & Explore features
  • 5 Compare features
  • 6 Find games
  • Trivia challenge
  • Multiple Choice challenge
  • Thousands of exciting educational facts
  • Time and spoken audio available in four languages

The included 48-page World Discovery Book features maps, world flags, landmarks, animals, dinosaurs, foods, explorers, moon maps, sky maps, and more!

The Intelliglobe uses an infrared scanner to "read" microscopic symbols on the globe and World Discovery Book. Touch the wireless Intellipen to the globe or book to play games, explore, and discover amazing educational facts about the world. The Intelliglobe is the most advanced globe featuring thousands of facts in 4 different languages: English, Spanish, French & German. Information for the Intelliglobe can be updated through the Replogle Globes website.

** Please note there is a 2 week wait for this globe

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