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Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World }

Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World

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product no: 26517
publisher: HarperCollins
edition: 13th Edition
edition date: November 2011
pages: 544
size: 327 x 473 x 50 mm
weight: 6 kg
format: Hardcover with Slipcase
sales rank: 15165

$295.00 (AUD incl. GST)buy

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Now in its 13th edition the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World continues to be a benchmark of cartographic excellence. The Atlas is relied on and trusted by governments around the world, international organizations including the UN, the European Commission and media companies.

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All the maps and detailed thematic information are completely updated with the latest geographical and geopolitical changes.

Major updates include:

  • the new country of South Sudan
  • 7,000 place name changes, most notably in the Russian Federation; China; Kazakhstan; Iran and Afghanistan
  • 37 city plans added for major cities around the world
  • Flags for every country of the world, plus year of independence for countries
  • New satellite image of Antarctica
  • Updated national parks and conserved areas
  • 100 more abandoned settlements now identified

This thirteenth edition of the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World reflects today's world with a beautifully illustrated section on contemporary themes from climate to economy. Fully up-to-date reference maps give exceptional detail, helping you explore the world.

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Part oceanography lesson, part memoir, this cheerful book examines Ebbesmeyer's life and work as a pioneering oceanographer (the first to work for Mobil/Standard Oil, in 1969) and connoisseur of beach-combed artifacts.

His primary interest is ocean currents, especially gyres-great circular, interlocking currents that sweep the Earth's waters with clockwork regularity-and the flotsam they carry around the planet. Everything from athletic shoes and bathtub toys to messages in bottles and corpses have provided data to help Ebbesmeyer trace currents. He recounts how flotsam guided colonization and exploration, from Norse explorers to Christopher Columbus (the first to master the North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre).

Today, Ebbesmeyer says, the human propensity for creating garbage has also made flotsam an environmental concern, with too many studies neatly filed away and forgotten. This account, made lively with the help of journalist Scigliano (Puget Sound), might encourage many readers to dream of rounding[ng] the gyres like Ebbesmeyer, searching out the world's trashiest beaches.
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In the tradition of his bestselling Kokoda, Peter FitzSimons, Australia's most beloved popular historian, returns in this deluxe illustrated edition to one of the seminal moments in Australian history: the Battle of Tobruk in 1941, in which more than 15 000 Australian troops - backed by British artillery - fought in excruciating desert heat through eight long months, against Adolf Hitler's formidable Afrika Korps.

During the dark heart of World War II, when Hitler turned his attention to conquering North Africa, a distracted and far-flung Allied force could not give its all to the defence of Libya. So the job was left to the roughest, toughest bunch that could be mustered: the Australian Imperial Force. The AIF's defence of the harbour city of Tobruk against the Afrika Korps' armoured division is not only the stuff of Australian legend, it is one of the great battles of all time, as against the might of General Rommel and his Panzers, the Australians relied on one factor in particular to give them the necessary strength against the enemy: mateship.

Drawing on new and even more extensive source material - including diaries and letters, many never published before - this extraordinary book, written in Peter FitzSimons's highly readable style, and now lavishly illustrated, is the definitive account of this remarkable chapter in Australia's history.

Foreword by Manfred Rommel.
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