Raster 50K Pilbara Maps DVD

Raster 50K Pilbara Maps DVD

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Raster 50K Pilbara Maps DVD

Raster 50K Pilbara Maps DVD

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Greg Harewood
1st Edition
142 x 125 x 10 mm
95 g
1:50 000
Sales Rank:
1884 (See Top 100 in Maps)

Product Description

The 399 map images on the Raster 50K Pilbara Maps DVD are digital scans of Geoscience Australia's 1:50 000 topographical map series that covers most of the Pilbara region of north-west W.A in addition to major offshore islands and reefs.

The paper maps have been scanned at 200dpi and the resulting images supplied on the DVD in ECW format and can be viewed with the OziExplorer or TrackRanger GPS mapping programs (not included). Each map sheet generally covers an area of 15' longitude by 15' latitude which corresponds to approximately 25km x 25km. Some combined sheets cover a slightly larger area. The maps have been cropped and have no borders to enhance functionality in certain mapping programs.

The date when the original maps were first printed varies considerably but ranges from about the early 1980’s to the 1990’s. The maps are the most detailed available in digital raster format over this entire area and show all significant natural features (lakes, swamps, rivers, creeks, hills, coastal features etc) along with cultural features (tracks, roads, highways, towns, dams etc ) present at the time the data was collected for use to draft the maps. Relief is portrayed by contours (10m intervals) and spot heights in metres; populated places symbolised; roads classified by surface and width; railways shown; drainage and vegetation symbolised; foreshore and offshore features shown.

The Maps on the DVD has been specifically created for use with the popular OziExplorer and TrackRanger GPS Mapping Software. Calibration files are included on the DVD so users can start using the maps immediately. Digital elevation data is also supplied on the DVD. This information can be used to create 3D map images using OziExplorer3D. Elevation data is at 3 sec (90m) intervals and is the most accurate available over this area.

A place name database for use with OziExplorer is also provided allowing users to search for the location of named features that occur anywhere in W.A. The maps are also suitable for use with a range of GIS programs including Arcview and have been re-projected to GDA94 (Geodetic) so as to match the current Australian standard.

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