IGN France 2012/2013 Road & Tourist Atlas

IGN France 2012/2013 Road & Tourist Atlas

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IGN France 2012/2013 Road & Tourist Atlas Sample
IGN France 2012/2013 Road & Tourist Atlas

IGN France 2012/2013 Road & Tourist Atlas

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Product Overview

Product No:
14th Edition
Edition Date:
November 2011
220 x 297 x 16 mm
941 g
Spirlabound Road Atlas
1:250 000 & 1:1 250 000
Sales Rank:
2264 (See Top 100 in Maps)

Product Description

This annually revised road atlas of France from IGN features the easy-to-read, high-precision cartography as used in their regional touring map series. At 1:250 000, road detail of these maps is excellent showing everything from Motorways down to regional and minor local roads, unmaintained roads and some footpaths, tunnels and prohibited roads are also shown. Motorways show toll sections and toll gates, service areas and rest areas, the locations of all the fixed speed cameras are also marked. Intermediate driving distances are also given.

The France 2012/2013 Road & Tourist Atlas has towns or places of particular tourist interest marked and a range of symbols indicate the location of plenty of other points of interest, including airports, car ferries, religious buildings, castles, museums, antiquities, ruins, winter sports resorts, nature reserves, parks and tourist railways. Administrative boundaries (regions, departments and international borders) throughout France are marked out and colouring indicates national parks, built-up areas, industrial areas and woods. The maps use some relief shading and spot heights to show the topography and symbols depict plenty of landmarks.

The atlas features a 12 page overview map of France at 1:1 250 000 for route planning as well as enlargements of the environs of Paris, Lille, Lyon and Marseille showing clearer mapping (1:100 000) of these more built up areas. There's also 33 detailed city maps with indexed street plans and places of interest marked, one way streets are also shown on the plans.

Also included are a distance and driving time table, physical and departmental maps of the country and some information on basic driving regulations in France (in English). The legend also includes English as well as five other languages.

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