Hema Navigator HN6

Hema Navigator HN6

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Hema Navigator HN6

Hema Navigator HN6

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Product Overview

Product No:
Hema Maps
250 x 200 x 90 mm
1.3 kg
Touchscreen GPS Unit
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700 (See Top 100 in Maps)

Product Description

Hema Maps is renowned for bringing top-of-the-line accuracy and innovation to all its products, and the company is pleased to announce its latest triumph, this time through the Hema Navigator HN6.

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The HN6 is a 6-inch high-resolution GPS navigation system, with fresh features that make it a worthy addition to your navigation arsenal. The HN6 has 79 Hema Regional maps preloaded, and with almost half of Australia classified as desert, you can be sure you’ll need them. Also included are Hema’s seamless 1:1 000 000 Australian map, 1:1 200 000 New Zealand map, and a 1:250 000 topographical Australian map, with the exciting new addition of the NZ 1:350 000 Road Atlas giving you a complete vision of New Zealand.

The navigation software is updated and improved as well, with iGo Primo 2.0.1 providing comprehensive street navigation, while Ezi-Ozi v2 offers sublime off-road navigation. CAMPS 7 is preloaded on the HN6 as in previous Hema Navigators, however the HN6 now contains 2300 extra caravan and dump points that help make the detailed decisions in planning your route simple.

To allow you to route and detour as you go iGo has created an intuitive interface with intelligent navigation, all based on NAVTEQ’s latest map data. iGo also provides free street updates to buyers for two years, which are easily downloadable from the internet via the Naviextras Toolbox. This means two years of the most up-to-date maps possible, helping you to save more in the long run.

Off-road enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that Ezi-Ozi is better than ever, with plenty of new and updated maps as well as a high-resolution interface and a cleaner menu layout. The HN6 also packs a punch with its 4GB internal memory, allowing storage of additional data such as international iGo maps.

The HN6 is a high-resolution solution to your navigation needs, adding another dimension to every journey and representing the ideal complement to your paper maps.

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Awesome unit - by Guy Incognito
9 April, 2013

5 Stars

I use this in the city as well as off road and it handles both situations pretty well. The iGo street mapping is pretty standard and easy to use and works well. The OziExplorer part can do a lot but it takes a while to get used to the menu system and everything, but once you do it's pretty good. All the camp spots loaded in are really handy.

I f I have one gripe, it's the battery life which is not that great, about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. This doesn't really matter in the car though cause I just have it plugged into the cigarette lighter.

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