Blue Mountains Street Map

Blue Mountains Street Map

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Blue Mountains Street Map Sample
Blue Mountains Street Map

Blue Mountains Street Map

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Product No:
Universal Publishers
17th Edition
Edition Date:
October 2011
115 x 227 x 8 mm
70 g
Folded Map
1:25 000
Sales Rank:
5536 (See Top 100 in Maps)

Product Description

Named the Blue Mountains due to the blue haze that can be seen from Sydney is created by light interacting with vapour emanating from the millions of eucalypt trees.

This rugged region features dramatic cliffs, rock formations, waterfalls and caves. Once seen as a barrier to the infant colony's expansion westwards, the Blue Mountains is now a popular holiday or weekend destination due to its proximity to Sydney.

Located approximately 105km from Sydney, this spectacular wilderness area - now World Heritage-listed - can be enjoyed year round. Seasonal changes here are more marked than in Sydney, and temperatures can plummet very quickly, especially in winter, so its wise to always be prepared for the cold.

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