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Collins Primary World Atlas }

Collins Primary World Atlas

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product no: 278112
publisher: HarperCollins
edition date: March 2010
pages: 64
size: 224 x 312 x 4 mm
weight: 311 g
format: Paperback
sales rank: 16196

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description {

The new Collins Primary World Atlas is a curriculum supportive Primary World reference atlas for children aged 7-11 (Key Stage 2). Designed for use in the classroom or at home, this revised edition includes informative politically coloured reference mapping of all major world regions.

This atlas provides an introduction to mapping of the UK, Europe and all major regions of the world. It includes information on map reading skills, the meaning of scale and measuring distances.

The continental maps are linked to the regional mapping and are supported with a selection of satellite, aerial and terrestrial photographs. Continental relief maps show layer colouring and major physical features are highlighted.

Click here to view some sample pages (1MB PDF)

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