Angler's Almanac 2013

Angler's Almanac 2013

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Angler's Almanac 2013

Angler's Almanac 2013

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Product No:
The Great Outdoors Publication
Edition Date:
October 2012
105 x 155 x 8 mm
200 g
Sales Rank:
376 (See Top 100 in Books)

Product Description

The Angler's Almanac provides tide and fishing predictions for 2013 containing solar and lunar periods to target fish. The 32-page colour center section is devoted to specimen photos of 56 fish species found in Australian and New Zealand waters for easy identification by users, plus a guide on how, where and when to catch them.

Additional features include how to tie the more popular knots and their relative strengths in both monofilament and braid lines.

The predicted best fishing times of the day and days of the month are in their usual popular format, and the explanation of how best to use the book also has been retained. The back of the book contains all the moon phases for 2014 to help those anglers who want to plan their trips a year ahead.

Next edition due: October 2013

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