Outdoor Survival Handbook for Kids

Outdoor Survival Handbook for Kids

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Outdoor Survival Handbook for Kids

Outdoor Survival Handbook for Kids

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Product No:
Willy Whitefeather
Roberts Rinehart
Edition Date:
March 1991
215 x 271 x 7 mm
272 g
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2110 (See Top 100 in Books)

Product Description

Willie Whitefeather, Honorary Chief of the Black Creek Cherokee of Florida, river-rafter, and backwoods guide, has lived in the wilderness for many years.

Disturbed by the lack of survival guides for children (who are the most helpless when they get lost or hurt in the woods), he wrote this for his grandchildren (and children everywhere) to help keep them safe. Its filled with common sense advice for children (and adults) to help prevent them from ever getting lost, or to help them survive if they do.

A lot of the information in the book is helpful even in a camping situation, as the unexpected can happen. Bad weather, animal attacks, or loss of food or equipment can turn a pleasant camping trip into an emergency. Would you know how to determine which plants to eat or how to protect yourself from the elements until help arrived?

Consider how much more vulnerable your children would be in this situation. Could they make a campfire without matches? This book not only helps insure that theyre prepared for the unexpected, but its interesting, too. It covers basic survival in the woods, desert, and mountains.

Some of the methods are presented as Old Cherokee ways, since the author learned them from the Indians of his tribe. The only possibly offensive part of this book for Christian readers is a picture showing an Indian head in the sky (like a portrayal of The Great Spirit) watching over the lost campers. Read this with your children before that next camp-out or vacation in the wilderness.

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