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Moon Phases 2014

Moon Phases 2014

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Moon Phases 2014

Moon Phases 2014

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Product Overview

Product No:
The Chart & Map Shop
2014 Edition
Edition Date:
October 2013
400 x 1000 mm
300 g
Sales Rank:
1712 (See Top 100 in Other)

Product Description

This poster shows the Moon's phase for every night of the year. It also gives the exact date and time of all the full, new and quarter moons throughout the year.

With this on your wall, all it takes is a quick glance to know exactly where the Moon's cycle is at. Knowing the phases of the moon can be beneficial for gardeners, fishermen, or anyone who wishes to follow the Moon's cycle.

The times are in UTC (to convert to local time add or subtract the difference between your time zone and UTC) and the Moon phases are correct for the Southern Hemisphere, meaning they're all upside down if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

The poster is available either plain or laminated and comes in a protective plastic sleeve. And it's made by us, so you know it's awesome!

Current reviews for 'Moon Phases 2014'

Awesome - by Guy Incognito
25 October, 2013

5 Stars

It's the best moon phases poster I've ever seen, and I've seen like 3!

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