Birds of Western Australia Field Guide

Birds of Western Australia Field Guide

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Birds of Western Australia Field Guide

Birds of Western Australia Field Guide

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Product No:
Simon Nevill
Simon Nevill Publications
1st Edition
Edition Date:
November 2013
125 x 223 x 30 mm
859 g
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243 (See Top 100 in Books)

Product Description

This guide book is an expanded publication of Simon's first bird book, a Guide to the Birds of the Greater South West. It includes an additional 89 species and now covers the vast majority of species that are either resident or are regular migrants throughouy Western Australia and Christmas Island.

The guide-book attempts to cover the needs of both those beginning birdwatching and those who have a more extensive knowledge of birding. In chapter I, the emphasis is on assisting the novice birdwatcher with general background information on birds and their chosen habitats. Chapter II contains phorographs of 489 species, of which 26 are endemic to Western Australia and Christmas Island. The total species for the State at this present time stands at 577 species based on the IOC bird list (International Ornithologists' Union). However it should be noted that within this list, many are very rare vagrants some of which have only been sighted once in the State and so have not been included.

Simon has attempted to write in a more personal and direct manner unlike many textbooks, particularly as the vast majority of information imparted in this book is gleaned from his personal experience over the last forty years of bird watching in Australia.

Bird watching can be a very rewarding hobby that requires little capital expenditure unless you are one of those who choose to travel the world looking for new species to add to your world list. Here in Western Australia, we are blessed with some wonderful parks and reserves that contain a great variety of bird species; it's a wonderful hobby and whether you're a lister or just simply enjoy observing the beauty of birds and nature in general, Simon really hopes this publication may be of some use to you.

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