Birdsville Track Outback Travellers Guide

Birdsville Track Outback Travellers Guide

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Birdsville Track Outback Travellers Guide

Birdsville Track Outback Travellers Guide

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2nd Edition
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185 x 250 x 10 mm
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Fourteen stripmaps break the Birdsville Track into identifiable sections giving travellers information on regional roads, fuel, water, landmarks, accommodation, GPS co-ordinates and much more. Each strip is accompanied by photographs of scenes along that section of track.

For the traveller and explorer in us, this track guide provides a unique visual reference for both novice and experienced individuals, families and groups. Using photography, track notes and mapping, the Outback Travellers Track Guide is a companion to sheet maps, offering a closer look at what is out there, where to find it and how to get there safely. With the aid of sectioned, colour coded track information, cautions along the track are brought to your attention to help avoid unnecessary problems. Hazards in the form of crests and dips in the road, creeks, floodways, river crossings and tight corners are highlighted to avoid potential accidents.

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Not really worth it - by JP
25 August, 2015

1 Star

I was really looking forward to getting some down to earth information, but was sadly disappointed. Most information can be found on the Internet and nearly half the book is advertising. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this book.

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