Awesome Maps KidsMap

Awesome Maps KidsMap

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Awesome Maps KidsMap

Awesome Maps KidsMap

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Product Overview

Product No:
Awesome Maps
1st Edition
Edition Date:
975 x 560 mm
450 g
Flat Map
Sales Rank:
1602 (See Top 100 in Maps)

Product Description

This is the first interactive analog map for kids, combining beautiful illustrated stickers with fun flash cards that guide kids through a world of animals, places and cultures.

The Base

This is where the exploring starts! We begin with a super simple - but beautiful - map base, showing continents, deserts, and major mountain ranges. There’s plenty to explore, but not so much that it’s overwhelming

The Stickers

The stickers are what make this map awesome - because this is where you come in! Our backers (you!) will vote on which sweet discoveries that become one of the 140 stickers on our map (final number of stickers can slightly change due to printing setup), from natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, to the animals that roam the Serengeti.

You get the sense that this is how early explorers felt, pulling their maps down from the wall and charting their next expedition into the unknown!

We've teamed up with some professional game designers to create a few engaging geography games that can be played with a group or one-on-one.

Our deluxe whiteboard coating makes the colors pop and the map fully customizable. Use it to highlight everywhere you’ve been, plot your dream vacation trip or wipe it off in case your kid got overly excited.

It comes with 140 stickers and an explanation sheet telling you a little more about each sticker.

  • High-quality offset print on silk-coated 150lb art paper
  • 140 re-attachable super awesome stickers
  • 1 explanation sheet
  • Whiteboard Coating for re-writability

97,5 cm (38 inches) x 56 cm (22 inches)

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