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Europe (flat) }

Europe (flat)

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product no: 8587
publisher: Maps International
edition: Revised Edition
size: 1390 x 1000 mm
weight: 350 g
scale: 1:4 300 000
format: Flat Map
sales rank: 104
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$40.00 (AUD incl. GST)

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description {

Maps International's large European political wall map is great looking map available to buy.

This politically coloured wall map of Europe features countries marked in a different colour, with international boundaries shown. All major towns and cities are featured within our large map of Europe. Map contains hill and sea shading adding to the vibrant overall effect. The wall map also contains a section showing the different flags of countries in Europe.

Maps International's Europe map is available either plain or laminated. If you are looking to buy a map of Europe, you won't be disappointed with this large stunning wall map.

more stuff from this publisher {

Maps International's Australasia political wall map shows Papua New Guinea in the North of the continent down to Tasmania and New Zealand in the south.

This political wall map of Australasia features countries marked in different colours, with international borders clearly shown. The map's key shows the flags from the countries displayed in this map (Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea). This political wall map of Australasia also contains city population detail, capital cities and all the major towns and cities in this continent.

Maps International's Asia map is available either plain or laminated. Ideal size for an office or classroom or for planning a trip around Australia or New Zealand.
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As night falls see your world map come to life as the world is illuminated.

Perfect for a child's bedroom this Glow in the Dark Map of the World is a fun educational tool as well as providing a welcome distraction for those that might be scared of the dark.

Your Glow in the Dark Map of the World will charge by absorbing the light that filters into the room.

The illusionary map contours are only visible when the room is dark.
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