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NSW-T3 Topo New South Wales

NSW-T3 Topo New South Wales

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NSW-T3 Topo New South Wales Coverage
NSW-T3 Topo New South Wales

NSW-T3 Topo New South Wales

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Product Overview

Product No:
Memory Map
Edition Date:
135 x 190 x 14 mm
120 g
Sales Rank:
3440 (See Top 100 in Other)

Product Description

Topographic maps of NSW, suitable for bushwalking, hunting, 4WD or anyone wanting to explore off the beaten track.

This combo pack includes a comprehensive selection of Topographic maps covering all of NSW at 100k, 50k and 25k together with Street maps and high definition 3D visualisations. The detail includes walking and 4x4 tracks, fire trails and locked gates.

Included on the DVD is:

  • Memory Map Navigator: GPS Mapping Software
  • NSW State: topographic maps at 1:25k, 1:50k and 1:100k scale in three regions as shown in the diagram
  • Aus250: all of Australia at 1:250 000 scale topographic map
  • UBD Street Maps: state wide town and city street maps included
  • Basemaps: all of Australia at 2.5 Million scale and other basemaps
  • Digital Terrain Model: at a sharp 25m resolution
  • Index: of places, streets and features

The key features of the Memory Map software are:

  • Plan routes: with distances, compass bearings, elevation profile and estimated time.
  • Print maps: print customised maps with your own markings, symbols and notes.
  • Connect a GPS: for data transfer and/or real time positioning, see your location on a high quality moving map.
  • 3D World: bring maps to life and fly through a virtual landscape.
  • Mobile solutions: load maps to a Windows Mobile PDA, iPhone or compatible navigation devices.

The powerful GPS navigation software Memory-Map Navigator is included so no additional software purchase is required.

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