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Australia's Outback Tracks

Australia's Outback Tracks

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Australia's Outback Tracks

Australia's Outback Tracks

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Product Overview

Product No:
1st Edition
Edition Date:
August 2003
135 x 190 x 14 mm
120 g
Sales Rank:
7910 (See Top 100 in Other)

Product Description

Westprint Maps now has a large area of Central Australia covered in four maps that work with OziExplorer and TrackRanger mapping software. This gives the user a seamless map of Central Australia that continues to scroll across the computer screen as the vehicle moves. The four maps cover an area from Latitude 18 deg South to 33 deg South and Longitude 119 deg East to 142 deg East. These four maps cover an area from just south of Broome, across through Halls Creek to Normanton, south through Julia Creek to Broken Hill and westwards of Kalgoorlie.

Many other maps produced on CD are paper maps scanned into digital format and published onto a CD-ROM. The Westprint map set is specifically designed for CD and do not have cover panels, legends or map borders in the middle of a scanned image.

Australia's Outback Tracks has been designed to run with either OziExplorer or TrackRanger navigational mapping systems, rather than just a single platform. It can be used on a home-based PC or linked with a GPS and lap-top computer for use in a vehicle.

The maps are produced in OZF2 format especially for people who already have the full operating version of OziExplorer. They have also been produced in the ECW format for use in the TrackRanger system.

A free demonstration version of TrackRanger software is included on the CD for people who haven't yet invested in a mapping software program, but have a computer and want to have a look at what is available and how it all works. This version will not connect to a GPS, but does show the information the maps contain.

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