World Globes: Travel Inspiration is Only an Arm’s Length Away

World Globe Travel Inspiration

It’s a scorching hot day outside; you’re sitting at your desk watching the clock tick the seconds away at an unfairly slow rate. You’re meant to be tying up the ends to that report for your boss but you keep getting distracted by the world globe that sits in the corner of your desk. You can see the outline of various countries that stir up thoughts of wanderlust you had quashed, since you were meant to be working on your career


Large Scale vs. Small Scale Maps – What?

Large Scale vs. Small Scale – It’s Confusing

Everybody gets this wrong and it’s not hard to see why. You look at a map, the scale says 1:1,000,000 and you think large number, large area covered – that must be large scale, right? Nope. Our brains like to associate big things with other big things, but brains like doing lots of things they probably shouldn’t.


Hema Navigator HN7 Review

If you take a look at the HEMA website, then you’ll find that HEMA say that the HN7 is Australia’s most powerful touring machine. I thought it’d be a good idea to find out what all the fuss is about. Luckily for me the Chart & Map Shop were kind enough to provide a brand new HN7 for me to play with for a weekend away down in WA’s south west.

It’s always fun when a new toy arrives. And I was soooo looking forward to this one. I love playing with stuff. Stuff is fun.

I’ve previously played with HEMA’s HN6 and also for the no-longer-available Mud Maps M7 so I was looking forward to seeing how the HN7 compared.

And then it arrived. The box is quality. I mean really, it’s just a box right? But when the box is well thought out it does give you some kind of indication that the rest of the product will follow suit.


Transferring data from your old GPS to your Hema Navigator

Transferring data from your old GPS to your Hema Navigator

A customer recently came in asking how to get the waypoints he got from a friend’s Garmin into his new Hema HN7. I actually didn’t know how, or even if, it could be done, so I took upon myself to find out. Turns out it’s pretty easy! And not just for Garmin to Hema, this will work for pretty much any GPS or software package to any other GPS or software package.


Latest Cape York: Travel & Adventure Guide just arrived

Latest Cape York: Travel & Adventure Guide just arrived

Ron & Viv Moon have just released the new 13th edition of their inimitable guide to Cape York. Formerly known as the Adventurer’s Guide, it’s now called the Travel & Adventure Guide, which I suppose doesn’t mean a great deal really… Anyway, these guys know Cape York better than anyone and this guide has become somewhat of a “bible” for the area. In their words, “All of the information has been updated, extensively revised and distilled into a no nonsense guide to the very best of Cape York.”

If you’re planning your mid-year trip to the Cape, firstly I’m exceptionally jealous, and secondly you should probably have this book.

Read more and grab a copy here.

HEMA Navigator HN7 now available for pre-order

Hema have just unveiled the newest addition to the Navigator family. Following on from the huge success of the HN6, the HN7 will be available in mid-March. The new unit will be sporting a bigger, more finger friendly, 7 inch screen along with updated mapping and over 6000 Camps 7 campsites & caravan parks. If you pre-order now, you’ll also get a free sun visor, saving you a whopping $35! You could buy yourself a delicious block of Export with all that extra cash!

Read more and pre-order here

4WD Days\Weekends out of Perth Review

 The Chart and Map Shop asked me if I would take a look at a couple of 4wd books and write up a review for them. “Sure!” I said. I love this kind of thing. I’m always looking for the next adventure, the next track. Anything 4wd is a good thing if you ask me!

The two books they sent were the 4wd Days Out of Perth (4th Edition), and the 4wd Weekends Out of Perth (3rd Edition). The books are written and published by Ian Elliot and Nick Underwood, two of WA’s best known 4wd enthusiasts. Their passion for showing fellow adventurers our great state is demonstrated throughout these books. They have obviously invested some significant time in not only discovering interesting 4wd adventure tracks, but also in finding out the history and little-known facts of the areas that the tracks run though.


So long HN5i, it’s been real

After a long and largely confusing time together in this world, the choice between the Hema Navigator HN5i and Hema Navigator HN6 has just been made significantly easier with the retirement of the older model. That’s correct, it has officially been discontinued and so we wave goodbye to our fine five inch friend – the HN5i.

To be honest, this makes our job a whole lot easier – trying to explain the difference always felt like I was just making stuff up (other than the screen size) and when, at the end, a customer would say “So, like, I don’t really understand the difference”, I would have to admit that I didn’t really either…


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