Can You Handle the Billy Goat Bluff Track? (One of the Steepest in VIC)


You will need more than a keen sense of adventure to tackle the Billy Goat Bluff Track. The iconic track is listed as one of the most challenging in the country. But if you have previous 4WD experience and enjoy a challenge, you can take on the high country hills with confidence.

There are a few things to consider when taking on the track and the surrounding area of Alpine National Park including the track’s conditions, what you want to see and do along the way and where you will camp.


Camp Oven Cooking Tips – 4 Easy Recipes For Your Next Camping Trip

Image courtesy of Percita via Flickr

One of the greatest pleasures when camping is cooking a meal in a camp oven. Everyone loves stoking the fire, checking the coals and stirring the pot while cooking up a hearty meal.

A camp oven, also known as a Dutch oven, is a versatile cast iron pot with a lid that lets you prepare a family-sized meal anywhere. You can use a camp oven over the fire when you’re out in the bush or on the stove at home or even in your caravan.

Follow our camp oven cooking tips and you’ll be tucking in to a hearty meal before you know it.


5 Incredible Gorge Walks in Karijini National Park

Image courtesy of Laurie Boyle via flickr

Karijini National Park is one of the largest jewels in Western Australia’s crown land. Its iron-rich red gorges, waterfalls, crystal clear water and bushland date back millions of years.

Karijini is the second largest national park in the state, set within the Hamersley Range, 1,400 km north of Perth. The rugged landscape varies from the massive Mount Bruce to vast plateaus. But it’s the incredible deep gorges that sees 10,000 people a year travel there to experience.


9 of the Best Brisbane Fishing Spots Revealed

Image courtesy of Brisbane City Council via flickr

There’s no shortage of good fishing spots in Brisbane and the mild Brisbane weather makes fishing a good option all year round. Try as many locations as it takes to find your hot fishing spot in Brisbane then keep it a secret!

You could even start with a few of these fishing hotspots this weekend!


Googs Track – Funny Name, Great 4WD Track


Googs Track is on the bucket list of many Australian 4WDers. For those wanting to cross the Simpson Desert or complete the Canning Stock Route, Googs Track is an excellent introduction to desert and sand driving. The track has an interesting history and makes for some great sightseeing.


Hiking Checklist – Essential Bushwalking Gear According to Steve Sertis

Image courtesy of Firstac5 via Wikimedia Commons

Planning to go bushwalking? Being prepared and ticking off a hiking checklist is essential before you leave. Whether you are going for a day walk or an overnight bushwalk, the gear you take (or don’t take) matters – your equipment can be the difference between a pleasurable and painful experience.  

Check out these hiking gear lists recommended by Steve Sertis, Bibbulmun Track Foundation’s Event Manager. Steve would know, he has done the 1,000-kilometre track walk end-to-end seven times! Steve shared his years of experience with novice and experienced walkers at a community event in Perth recently and gave us all the following advice:


The 7 Best Travel Destinations to Escape Winter in Australia


Google Photos and Facebook can be so cruel when they send you an anniversary photo of you in thongs enjoying the sun on a winter sojourn. I mean Google (and Zuckerberg) are pretty smart – they should know I haven’t headed north in search of warmer days this winter. Instead, I’m hibernating at home in front of the heater…in ugg boots. Keep your memories to yourself thanks Google!


Essential Guide to Driving the Strzelecki Track


If crossing a desert in your 4WD is on your bucket list then you should definitely consider the Strzelecki Track.  It’s easily accessible for those living in the southern and eastern states of Australia and can be completed in just a few days of easy driving thanks to good road conditions and limited passing traffic. The track’s interesting history and sights make for some great sightseeing in the arid landscape along this dusty dirt track.


What to Look for in an Off-Road GPS & How to Use It


During an off-road trip, your GPS can work as hard as your vehicle. Without it, you would be lost – literally.

If you are planning to do some four-wheel driving, then it’s an off-road GPS that you need. If you take a GPS that’s better suited to navigating around the metro area off-road with you it could cause serious problems out in the bush.

We recommend choosing a GPS model that can cope with you being out in the middle of nowhere and still show you the way to go.



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