Angling for a Big Fishing Season

Angling for a Big Fishing Season

Fishing can be enjoyed by anyone aged five to 105 so if you have a love of the water and a healthy dose of patience, fishing might be your thing.

The Chart & Map Shop stocks a huge range of fishing books, guides and charts to help in your pursuit of landing the big one.


Sure you can rely on some beginners’ luck in the early days, but when things get serious you need the right tools and information. The Chart & Map Shop stocks a range of fishing books, guides and charts to help in your pursuit of landing the big one.


Fishing Guides

If you want to become more knowledgeable about your hobby, check out the following books:

Let's Start Fishing

Let’s Start Fishing

This reference book will teach the young angler everything you need to know about basic knots, bait and lures, tackle and safety.


Complete Book of Fishing Systems

Complete Book of Fishing Systems


If you are learning how to set up your lines for a range of fishing situations this book teaches you how to apply fishing knots to a series of rigs. The water resistant-pages help make this book a wealth of practical fishing instruction.


Steve Cooper's Australian Fishing Guide

Steve Cooper’s Fishing Guide

Grouped by states with 1,000 of Steve’s favourite fishing destinations with details of fish species and fishing methods for each region.


What Fish is That?

What Fish is That?

This handy pocket-sized book allows you to identify your catch. Take it with you for information on fish size and behaviours, habitats and fishing tips.


The Concise Encyclopedia of Fishing

The Concise Encyclopedia of Fishing

Whether you are a new or experienced angler, this book will provide you with methods, tips and techniques to help with your catch.


Anglers Guide Fish of Australia

If you want a laminated poster you can take out on the boat to help with identifying fish, take a look at the Anglers Guide Fish of Australia.


Location Based Books

The Chart & Map Shop stocks a wide range of books and guides for different fishing regions.

AFN Fishing Guides

AFN Fishing Guides & Fishing Atlas

This collection of 12 regional guides include Western Australia, Western Port, Geelong-Corio, Canberra, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria Coastline, Snowy Mountains, Goulburn River, NSW North Coast, South of Sydney, Sydney-Hawkesbury, NSW Central Coast, South Australia and Northern Territory.

The books can be used by locals or visitors, new or experienced anglers with details on local fish species, boat ramps and tackle shops. Boost your chance of a successful fishing expedition with a local book.


Thousands of keen anglers leave Australian shores to try their luck overseas. If you are heading to international waters, read up before you go to familiarise yourself with local fish and popular spots.  Oregon, California and Washington are popular destinations in the US.

Check out the hundreds of fishing reference materials stocked in our shop and online store. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a particular book.



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