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Howdy all,

I hope everyone's festive seasons were acceptably festive. The shop was complete chaos as usual, every year I'm convinced that we're prepared and every year something new and exciting goes awry! It's super fun! Anyway, I have some very excellent new stuff for show and tell this time. Look at it! Camps 10!

Camps 10
Some super exciting news for those of you who didn't already know. The new 10th edition of the ever-popular Camps Australia Wide series - Camps 10 - is now available for pre-order! We will have our stock in mid-February if everything goes according to plan and pre-orders will obviously have first priority.

This fully revised and updated edition now features almost 5000(!) listings and a full Hema Australia Road Atlas, it also has free camps, pet friendly sites, rest areas, community camps, station stays, national parks, remote caravan parks and loads of other stuff.

The "Traveller's Bible" will be available in two versions this time round - the spiralbound A4, and the larger B4 spiralbound with camp snaps. They have the same information, but the bigger camp snaps edition also includes a photo of most of the sites it mentions and would be much more useful should you ever need to fend off a bear attack.

- Camps Australia Wide 10 Spiral Bound
- Camps Australia Wide 10 with Camp Snaps

Caravan Parks Australia Wide 5
In other exciting news, the brand new edition of Camps 10's more caravan flavoured cousin is available right now! So if that's more your cup of tea, there's no need to wait!

This fully updated guide, aimed at caravanners, motorhomers or cabin seeking travellers, now covers more than 2300 sites (1700 of those are pet friendly) and is filled to the brim with painstakingly researched park info.

Coloured symbols are included on each listing to give you info about the facilities such as powered sites, en-suite sites, tent sites, BBQ, pool, approximate cost, pets allowed, large sites, drive thru sites and dump points.

The book also includes comprehensive maps of each state (from Hema) showing highlights for sightseeing as well as the exact positions of caravan and tourism parks for easy reference.

- Caravan Parks Australia Wide 5

100 Magic Miles
Every time I sell one of these I look at the cover and sigh a little and wonder why I'm not doing that instead of selling maps. Don't get me wrong, selling maps is the bomb, but I think we can all agree that cruising the Whitsunday's is better.

If you're one the lucky ones planning such a thing, you should definitely have this book. This new(ish) 12th edition reflects changes resulting from the introduction the new Whitsundays Management Plan for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. It also has the latest up-to-date information including the introduction of 60 new moorings to the island anchorages, changes in the operations of several island resorts, changes in recommendations as to the best diving and snorkelling sites, the latest information on camping on the islands, fishing in the Whitsundays, and an update on recommended first aid for marine stings.

Basically, everything you need to know is in this book and you probably shouldn't go there without it.

- 100 Magic Miles

Camping with Kids
Taking your kids camping? What are you supposed to do with them? It's alright, nobody knows! There's only so many times you can time them doing a lap of the campgrounds.

Never fear, help is at hand! This nifty little book features more than 300 cool ideas to keep them entertained, from games you can play in the car on the way, to recipes and adventure activities once you're settled in.

Seasoned camper Simon McGrath draws on a lifetime's experience so your kids can enjoy every minute of their camping holiday.

Little Timmy will be stoked he doesn't have to count the leaves behind the tent again.

- Camping with Kids


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