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Cruising the Coral Coast }

Cruising the Coral Coast

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product no: 16274
author: Alan Lucas
publisher: Alan Lucas Cruising Guides
edition: 8th Edition
edition date: April 2003
pages: 349
size: 207 x 296 x 22 mm
weight: 1.4 kg
format: Paperback
sales rank: 144

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First published in 1968, this book has reached its eight edition and remains the only guide to cover the whole of the east coast of Queensland, the Torres Strait and the Great Barrier Reef.

The current edition, updated to 2003, includes notes on the Gulf of Carpentaria and the Coral Sea. This edition is the biggest yet with larger, more detailed charts and more ports and anchorages than in previous editions. It's as close to a must have guide as your ever likely to find if your plans include cruising along the Queensland Coast.

Updates are available from

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New edition of what has long been the Bible of this coast. First released in 1976, this is the sixth edition of Cruising the New South Wales Coast. Surveyed and produced aboard the author's vessel Soleares, it describes the entire coast between the Victorian and Queensland borders including all navigable rivers, many well beyond their first fixed bridge for the benefit of those with motor boats, trailer sailors, large tenders, runabouts and kayaks.

This edition also includes Alan's popular Sydney to Central Coast Waterways Guide.

Updates available for download at
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New title from this well known Australian author of Cruising the NSW Coast and Cruising the Coral Coast, this is the essential companion to all other boating books!

Off Watch is an appetiser for lovers of all things marine. In 10 second grabs it embraces everything from historical gems to details of the latest super yachts. Featured with a handy, pocket size hard cover and place ribbon, making it ideal for busy people whether at sea or ashore. Off Watch is an off beat kind of book. As Alan Lucas might have put it in his introduction, it is a book of left-overs. Bits of research that didn't find a home anywhere else, but were too good to throw away. Essentially it is a collection of tidbits that might have found their way into a cruising guide as a footnote or sidebar.
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