Vintage Travel Posters

You might have heard us mention it once or twice; we’re into travel. All kinds of travel. From present day to the golden era of travel a century ago.

This little travel obsession has led us to stock iconic vintage posters all telling stories of travel from another time. World War One propaganda posters made way for travel posters depicting country and city destinations as well as modes of transport including air, auto, rail and sea.

The striking colours and eye-catching graphics make vintage travel posters a budget-friendly way to decorate your home or business. Original travel posters in excellent condition can sell for thousands of dollars at auction but for just $20 you can adorn the walls of your home or business with reproduction prints.

1. Destination Themed Posters

USA Vintage Travel PosterWith around 350 vintage travel posters to choose from, you can easily choose a destination and decorate your walls with multiple posters promoting the same region. If you have travelled through Europe, choose posters depicting your favourite landmarks. Maybe you loved your trip to the US, pick a few posters of American cities you visited.

If you are a proud Australian or parochial sandgroper, you can choose from a range of Australian and Western Australian posters.



2. Pick a Mode of Transport

Cunard Line Vintage Travel PosterIt’s not just destinations you can theme. You could also choose a mode of transport. If cruising takes your fancy, you might like the Cunard Line posters advertising their transatlantic voyages.

For a slightly more modern take on travel, you could choose from a range of airline posters - Air France, TWA, Swiss Air, Pan American and Braniff to name a few.


3. Choose a Colour

Air France Vintage Travel PosterMany vintage travel posters used bright, bold colours and striking graphics. Use the posters to add a punch of personality and colour to your room, or pick something to match a colour scheme.

At roughly A2 (420 x 594mm, but most are slightly different) in size, the posters can make a statement both individually and as part of a set.

Customising the size is also possible (generally only if you want them smaller, though).



4. An Artist you Like

Western Australia Vintage Travel PosterIllustrators have a signature look, so choosing multiple posters designed by an artist you admire will give you a unified look.

American artist David Klein designed some of the iconic Trans World Airlines (TWA) posters of the 1950-60s. The Ukranian French painter and artist Cassandre (the pseudonym of Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron) was best known for his posters of the ocean liner, Normandie. Percy Trompf is a popular artist showcasing Australian landmarks and fauna.


5. A Family Connection

Amalfi Vintage PosterPerhaps you could choose a poster based on a personal special connection you have to an overseas destination.

Your distant relatives may have emigrated from there, or maybe your grandparents took a trip of a lifetime on a particular ship or liner.

Do your genealogy research and choose a poster that gives a nod to your family’s history.


If vintage is your thing, you don’t need to stop at travel posters. There are plenty of other fun, vintage items you can use to decorate a room or your whole house. A vintage map or world globe can be a great talking point. Even the kitchen sink can be livened up with a vintage world map tea towel. Let your imagination run wild.

Here’s to every moment you’ll spend looking at your poster and dreaming of what travel was like in a bygone era.