We've just been informed that the ever popular Camps Australia Wide series will be pushing out their 7th edition in mid February. Now featuring over 3900 listings and a full Hema Australia road atlas, the books also show free camps, rest areas, community camps, station stays, national parks, remote caravan parks and loads more.

The book is available as a standard A4 hardcover, an A4 spiralbound hardcover, or the larger B4 spiralbound hardcover with camp snaps. They all have the same information, the camp snaps edition just includes a photo of most of the sites it mentions.

Want to be first to get one? Pre-order yours from us:

  • Standard Hardcover
  • Spiralbound Hardcover
  • Spiralbound Hardcover with camp snaps

UPDATE: This product is no longer available, view our range of Camps 9 books online.