1. 6 Beautiful Waterfalls in Perth (Within an Hour’s Drive)

    6 Beautiful Waterfalls in Perth (Within an Hour’s Drive)
    Western Australia is known for its iconic falls in the Kimberley and Pilbara (think Mitchell and Fortescue Falls) but around Perth? Many people don’t know that there are some beautiful waterfalls in Perth (or within an hour’s drive). Perth’s waterfalls make great locations to go for a walk, hike or an interesting picnic location. They can keep the kids entertained...
  2. Gifts for Travellers - 3 of the Best Travel Gift Ideas in 2018

    Gifts for Travellers - 3 of the Best Travel Gift Ideas in 2018
    The best gifts for travellers are often not the most expensive but the most thoughtful. If you want to say a heartfelt Bon Voyage buy your travelling friend a handy gift, they will use during the trip. That way, they won’t forget you while they’re tripping around the world. There are bonus points awarded to the gift-giver that comes up...
  3. World Globes as Education Tools

    World Globes as Education Tools
    The world globe has been used in classrooms for decades but in our modern world, they are just as relevant as when they were first introduced. Globes are versatile because they are suitable for very young children just starting out on the schooling journey right through to those who have almost finished.  Globes can be used as a tool in...
  4. The Hema HX-1 Navigator

    The Hema HX-1 Navigator
    Hema Navigator has been the leader in on and off-road navigation systems since their release in 2008. The Hema Navigator HN7 launched in 2014 followed by the latest model, the Hema HX-1 Navigator, late last year. The HX-1 has improved hardware, new features and better map content to make it possible to navigate almost any Australian road or track. HARDWARE...
  5. 4WD Treks Just a Weekend Away

    4WD Treks Just a Weekend Away
    Feel like a 4WD trip but don’t have a week’s leave from work up your sleeve? There are plenty of tracks just an hour or two out of the city – perfect for getting away for an adventure filled weekend. With the warmer weather just around the corner, start making plans. 4WD TREKS NEAR PERTH Mundaring Powerline Track (40km from...
  6. Know your Knots

    Know your Knots
    Whether you’re a boater, boy scout or budding climber it pays to know your knots. You never know when you will need to call on your knowledge of knots to get you out of a bind. Knots are not only good to know but they’re also great fun to learn. Knot tying can be an art, craft, science and philosophy...

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