2021 Guft Guide

Christmas is just around the corner which means the hunt for the perfect gift is well and truly on.

If you’re like us, you probably agonise over what to get certain people. You want your gift to be thoughtful and heartfelt, but also to capture the fun of the Christmas period. And there’s always that one friend or family member that you have no ideas for… or too many ideas for!

We know this struggle all too well so have put this handy Christmas gift guide together to help out. Below is a selection of The Chart & Map Shop team’s favourite products that we’re sure any recipient would love. And, to make it even easier to find something suitable, we’ve broken these suggestions down by interest area.

Gifts for the Camping Enthusiast

When buying gifts for someone that’s mad about camping, it’s easy to fall back on the cliches (solar-powered lights, campfire cooking equipment, etc.). But if they’re serious about it, they will probably already have everything they need for a comfortable camping experience. Instead, we suggest getting them something that will help them take their camping game to the next level:

  • Fire to Fork ($40) – This is a cookbook with a difference and a must-have for any amateur campfire chef. Written by the renowned Harry Fisher, it features a collection of 60 of his favourite open flame recipes. And Harry’s simple approach and commitment to using fewer, but higher quality, ingredients is sure to speak to any avid camper.

Fire to Fork

  • Camps 11 ($70) – The perfect gift for the camper in your life, this bad boy is stuffed to the gills with over 5,000 campsites around the country. With detailed listings, maps in the back and whole bunch of other info, you can't go wrong. There's also a bigger version that includes a photo of most of the campsites - Camps 11 with Camp Snaps.

Camps 11

Gifts for the Avid Angler

Much like camping enthusiasts, anglers can be deceptively difficult to buy for – particularly if you’re after for something special. While contributions to their tacklebox are always appreciated, the options are endless and individual preferences can be quite particular. Once again, we recommend avoiding the and well-trodden path and opting for something a little more unique:

  • Grant's Guide to Fishes ($130) – This is hands down the best fish ID book money can buy and, rather upsettingly, its print run has come to an end! The Grants will not be doing another reprint. We have managed to get our hands on the last boxes in existence and we only have about 10 copies left. This book is an unequaled reference, every fish has a colourful photo as well as a detailed description and information on their habitat and habits and the best way to reel them in.

Grant's Guide to Fishes

  • The Perth Coast Fish Book ($45) – Some people fish because they like the challenge, others do it because they like the reward. And some want to connect with the wondrous creatures that inhabit our picturesque waterways – this one is for those people. As the most comprehensive guide of the fish found in the waters surrounding Perth, this book is a testament to great research. It’s also a fascinating and illuminating resource for any serious fish enthusiast.

Perth Coast Fish Book


Gifts for the World Traveller

Often, the more of the world someone has seen, the harder they can be to buy gifts for. This is particularly true if jetting off to new lands and immersing themselves in other cultures is their one true passion. If you know someone like this, we suggest leaning into their interest with a gift that reminds them of their favourite place:

  • Vintage Map of Greater New York ($30) – Any fan of the city that never sleeps will love this little slice of history. Covering the whole Greater New York area, it’s a unique capturing of the Big Apple as it was in 1964. And, with a detailed index of local points of interest, it’s sure to spark more than a few fond memories.

New York Vintage Map

  • Vintage Travel Poster: Visit London, UK ($20) – Whether they’ve recently returned from a stint in Old Blighty or are a lifelong anglophile, they’ll surely appreciate this throwback. Part marketing campaign, part vintage artwork, this piece is roughly A2 sized and can be laminated for extra protection.

London Vintage Poster


Gifts for the Little Ones

As a child, you want gifts that are fun; as an adult, you want to give children gifts that expand their mind. However, finding something that is genuinely both educational and entertaining is challenging – but it can be done! Here are just a couple of toys that kids will love playing with so much they won’t even realise they’re learning:

  • Globe 4 Kids – Adventure Edition ($99) – There’s no greater gift you can give a child than helping them understand the world that’s around them. This kid-friendly globe does just that, letting them explore different countries and continents and what makes each unique. It also comes with activity and information sheets, reusable stickers, and non-permanent markers to make the learning experience even more interactive.

Globe 4 Kids

  • World GeoPuzzle ($25) – What kid doesn’t love a good puzzle? Pair that with the ability to learn about geography while they play and you have an absolute winner of a gift. And with most pieces shaped like countries, or groups of countries, this will literally put the world in their hands.



Still haven’t found the perfect present?

We hope you’ve found our gift guide for Christmas 2021 useful, and that this has given you some ideas. If not, this is only a small selection of the items you’ll find at The Chart & Map Shop. For other options, please have a browse through our online store or contact our friendly team online or via (08) 9335 8665.