The popularity of the treadly has been growing steadily in Western Australia. It seems everyone is getting into cycling. It's not just WA, the cycle paths around the country are bustling with riders from dawn to dark. People cycle as a form of transport, sport and recreation.  During the week, city car parks are full of bikes owned by office workers and on weekends coffee shops are crowded with lycra-clad cyclers getting their caffeine fix.

Popularity of Cycling

Roy Morgan research released in 2015 shows Australia’s increasing love for their bikes. In 2005 13% of the population rode a bicycle regularly or occasionally and within ten years that figure jumped to 19%.

At the heart of the bike craze is WA with 23% of all sandgropers over the age of 14 riding their bike regularly or occasionally. It seems Perth’s ideal climate and scenic bike paths make it a popular pastime.

Cycling in Australia

There are guides for getting out and enjoying your capital city and its bike paths. Pick up a copy for your city and get a new perspective of your home-town.

Where to Ride Perth

Where to Ride Melbourne

Where to Ride Sydney

Cycling around Canberra


Cycling through the french alps

Cycling Overseas

As more Australians spend their weekends on their bike, the more likely they are to take an overseas cycling holiday. There are travel companies who can design your cycling trip either on-road or off-road from a relatively relaxing ride around France to the challenging tracks of the Himalayas. Whether you use a tour company or you research your cycling holiday, there are guides and maps to help you.

Tips for your First Overseas Cycling Tour

  • Train in similar terrain before you leave home (if possible)
  • Work out the route you will take and how much riding you want to do each day
  • Check on the cost of transporting your bike or hiring one when you get there
  • Don’t leave home before you have organised adequate travel insurance
  • Stop and enjoy the view rather than sail past without taking it all in
  • Decide if you are going to carry your gear or use a support vehicle to carry it for you
  • Choose between a self-guided or guided group tour of your destination
  • Don’t forget the padded bike shorts, you’re going to need them for consecutive days of cycling!

Here are just a few of the cycling books for overseas destinations we stock in-store and online.

Cycling London to Paris - a guidebook of route information and maps for must see attractions, route difficulty and best time to cycle.

Cycling in the Hebrides – some of the most picturesque cycling routes in the world can be found in the Hebrides.

Cycling in the Lake District – the book is divided into a 5-day cycle tour along the river. The Lake District offer some of the most scenic and challenging cycling.

If you are looking for a cycling guide or map for a particular destination somewhere in the world, contact us at The Chart & Map Shop and we’ll do our best to source it for you.