Gift sitting on a world scratch map

The best gifts for travellers are often not the most expensive but the most thoughtful.

If you want to say a heartfelt Bon Voyage buy your travelling friend a handy gift, they will use during the trip. That way, they won’t forget you while they’re tripping around the world.

There are bonus points awarded to the gift-giver that comes up with the most fun and functional present idea. Make sure that’s you at the going away party with a couple of beauties from this list.


  1.    A Map for Every Traveller

Nothing says travel related gifts quite like a map. And there’s a map to suit every traveller.


Crumpled Maps

If your traveller is hitting a big city, they will need a walking map to help find their way around. The Crumpled Maps make an ideal present. Made from a technological material, the map weighs just 20g and is 100% waterproof, so it’s perfect for scrunching up in a pocket to read on the plane or in a backpack when it’s time to hit the streets. From Amsterdam to Warsaw, the world’s largest cities have a crumpled map.

Crumpled Maps


Scratching the Travel Itch with a Map

Seasoned travellers like to boast about all the countries they have visited, so a brag map means perfect sense.

Give them the gift that will allow them to do it with some subtlety (or not) by hanging it on their wall for everyone to see. Scratch off the gold foil top of countries visited to reveal bright coloured nations below. The World Scratch Map will make a statement on the wall, or the cute travel edition is ideal for keeping up to date on the go. The Deluxe edition with its black and gold colour scheme goes perfect with any decor theme.

Scratch Maps


Hobby-Based Awesome Maps

Still on the map theme, these maps really are awesome. If your traveller is off to indulge in their passion, then pick up a world map themed in their hobby. There is a map for surfing, diving, football, and yoga with all the best places for devotees to visit across the globe.

Awesome Maps


  1.    Gifts for Travellers to Record their Journey

Some of the best gifts for travellers are keepsakes that will remind them of their big trip in years to come.

If your traveller likes to write or collect a few keepsakes along the way, then a journal is an obvious gift. There is a wide variety to choose from; one to suit every kind of trip.


Travelling the Seven Seas

There’s a journal for sea travellers with seven sections for seven excursions with lined and unlined pages and an address section enclosed in a beautiful vintage hardcover with spiral binding for easy use in the cabin or sundeck.

Cruise Journal


Stay Organised with a Buddy

If your traveller is spending more time on terra firma but has trouble keeping track of everything, then they may need a little companion book. With space for the itinerary, flights, accommodation details, sightseeing notes and a journal, this little book will go everywhere with them. Each section has room for multiple trips so the book can last a gap year jaunt or several trips taken over the years.

Travel Buddy


Recording the Thrills and Spills from a Bike

Cycling tours are growing in popularity with Australians travelling to destinations all over the world to see the sights from the back of a bike. A specific rider’s journal is a perfect way to record their thoughts on a rest break or while they are resting their weary legs at night.   

Bicycle Rider’s Journal


Bit of Sketching, a Bit of Writing

If your traveller likes to get creative, there’s a journal that allows them to write and sketch. Each spread has space for a different activity such as drawing what is out the window or writing a travel bucket list.

Lonely Planet Writing & Sketch Journal


Mini Travellers’ Journal Book

There are even journals for young travellers aged 5-8 years. They are prompted with lists to fill in, writing topic suggestions, space for drawing, sketching and colouring. The perfect travel gift for a young friend or relative to keep them busy on a long journey.

Lonely Planet Kids My Travel Journal


  1.    Travel Gift Ideas in Small Sizes

The most appropriate gift for a traveller is something small, light and useful. Gifts don’t come much more compact or handy than these little gems.  


Suitcase Style with an Olde World Luggage Tag

This vintage world map luggage tag makes a fancy but functional gift ensuring their luggage isn’t mistaken for someone elses on the carousel. A great little gift to say ‘Bon Voyage’ to a friend. Team it up with the matching journal or other items from the vintage world map collection.

Vintage Luggage Tag


Upsize the Passport Holder

Keeping all the necessary documents and cards together is essential when travelling. Knowing that the credit cards, cash, boarding pass and hotel directions are all safely together can eliminate some of the stress and frustration. This beautiful passport holder allows them to travel in organised style.  

Vintage Passport Holder


Decant the Duty-Free into Something Smaller

Your traveller won’t want to lug their duty free sized bottle around for long. This hip-looking stainless steel world map hip flask makes perfect sense. They can enjoy a drink or two in the hotel room on a nippy night anywhere in the world and think of you.

Vintage World Map Hip Flask


Playing Cards with a Difference

If your traveller has a sense of humour and needs to brush up on their survival skills, then the Don’t Drown Out There!, Don’t Die Out There! and Don’t Get Lost Out There! deck of cards make the perfect gift.

Each suit is a different theme of basic survival skills. The Don’t Get Lost Out There! deck has the hearts cover maps and compasses, the clubs is GPS and technology, diamonds is travel and route finding and spades is lost and found. So even if they lose a game of poker, they will hopefully win the game of life!  


Presents for Travellers

Buying a present for someone travelling shouldn’t be difficult if you have a little information about where they are going and how they are getting there.

Whether you are looking for a specific gift or you need some ideas, we are experts in quirky travel related gifts. If you need some more ideas, get in touch by calling 9335 8665 or contact us online.