12 of the Best 4WD Trips in Australia According to the Experts

4WD driving on the best sand dunes in Australia Here at the Chart & Map Shop we love getting out into the great outdoors as much as our customers do! When we're too busy doing map stuff we enjoy reading about the best 4WD trips other experts have taken. We have compiled a list of 12 recommend trips, have a read and get ready for your next adventure. To check out more trips our 4WD enthusiasts have embarked on, check out their website and social media channels.

Aaron and Sarah Schubert

1. Cleaverville, WA

Located between Karratha and Whickham, approximately 1600 km from Perth
Cleaverville Image courtesy of City of Karratha
‘We stayed a few nights at Cleaverville only meters from the water, and couldn’t get enough of it. The water was like glass, and is for months on end. The fishing was nothing short of spectacular, and the diving even more so. We ate lobsters and fish every day, and couldn’t get over the weather. It couldn’t have been any better. I’d go as far as to say this is the best beach camping I’ve ever done.’

2. Francois Peron National Park, WA

Located in the northern part of Shark Bay/Denham, approximately 830 km from Perth
Francois Peron National Park Image courtesy of Donald Hobern via Wikimedia Commons
This is pretty well the closest place to Perth that you can experience the orange sand butting up to pristine white beaches and magnificent blue ocean. You can sit right at the top of the National Park and watch whales, turtles, sharks, seals and a heap of other wildlife swim right by. There are plenty of places to camp, and you feel worlds away from anywhere else.’

4WD Touring Australia

Pat Williams

3. England Track, NSW

Located just south of Coffs Harbour, approximately 500 km from Sydney
England Track Image courtesy of Flossy420 via Wikimedia Commons
‘The Coffs Harbour area is well known for its serious off-road tracks. What isn’t as well known is that you barely have to leave town to access some of the best tracks in the area. The England Track is only about a five minute drive out of town and is a steep, slippery route that’s a worthy challenge for any vehicle and driver.’

4. Sandy Cape Track, TAS

Located South of Temma, approximately 500 km from Hobart
Sandy Cape Track Image courtesy of Dhx1 via Wikimedia Commons
‘Tassie’s northwest is known as a tough but beautiful 4WDing destination, and the Sandy Cape Track is a real highlight. Water hazards, jagged rocky ridges and boggy sand and mud sections are all part of the fun – and also the reason that drivers need to be aware that this track is only suitable for high clearance, heavily modified 4WDs and experienced drivers.’

Happy Go Travel

Caleb and Kell

5. Victorian High Country, VIC

Located around the Australian Alps and Alpine National Park, approximately 400 km from Melbourne
Victorian High Country Image courtesy of bushie via flickr
‘If you are looking some of Australia’s best 4WD touring and camping, you will find it in the Victorian High country. There are so many 4WD tracks, with a mix of easy and hard tracks to suit everyone. With so much history, amazing views and all the iconic places, the Victorian High Country will not disappoint.’

6. Greens Break Road, NSW

Located at the Martinsville Road entrance to the Watagans National Park, approximately 130 km from Sydney ‘Greens Break Rd is one of my favourite Watagans 4WD tracks. This Hunter Valley 4WD track is popular as it offers everything from small bog holes to challenging climbs and even a huge old tree you will need to cross. Not to mention the track starts off at 5 Ways; a rock wall on the side of the track that offers technical low range climbs.’


Brad Nash

7. Binns Track, NT

Located near the South Australian border at Mt Dare, approximately 1,500km from Adelaide
Binns Track Image courtesy of Ian Cochrane via flickr
‘By far and away the longest, most epic and arduous drive in this article, the Binns Track sums up everything great about exploring the Northern Territory. Taking anywhere up to 12 days to complete, the Binns Track starts at Mt Dare and snakes through mountain ranges, rocky creeks and the dusty western fringes of the Simpson Desert alike, ending at Timber Creek over 2,000km later.’ Highly technical in some areas and a true challenge for any off-roader worth the cost of his recovery gear, undertaking this track is sure to be a truly memorable experience, a showcase of many of the wonders of outback northern Australia.’

8. Coorong National Park, SA

Located on Younghusband Peninsula, 150 km south east of Adelaide
Coorong National Park Image courtesy of Briggsy66 via Wikimedia Commons
‘Nothing says Aussie 4WDing quite like beach driving, and nowhere does immense, sprawling beaches quite like South Australia. Located in a huge wetland area just south of Adelaide, the Coorong National Park is one of South Australia’s biggest hotbeds of natural activity, an incredibly important breeding site for Australian wildlife and extremely historically significant for the local Aboriginal people. While it may seem like a delicate area, there are a number of trails that have been opened up to 4x4s and off-roaders, and the Coorong offers a wealth of driving experience for the outdoor recreationist. Some of the state’s best beach-driving areas can be found there, accessible by tracks to cater off-roaders of all skill levels.’

My Generator Blog

Sean Connolly

9. Ellis Track, VIC

Located off Tarango Road in Wesburn, approximately 70 km from Melbourne
Ellis Track Image courtesy of
‘You can’t call yourself a four-wheel driver until you’ve experienced Ellis Track. On the outer eastern side of Melbourne, this 3.5km track packs in steep hills, massive rocks and huge ruts. And when you get to the end, swap with your partner and experience it as a passenger! If you dare, give it a shot in winter when the red clay becomes so slippery you’ll winch your way from start to finish.’

10. Bridle Track, NSW

Located north west of Bathurst the track runs from Duramana to Hill End, approximately 220 km from Sydney
Bridle Track Image courtesy of D. Gorton via Wikimedia Commons
‘Whether you’re just trying out the 4WD scene or you’re old hat, Bridle Track has plenty to offer. Following the Macquarie River, the track forms part of the original bullock wagon route from Bathurst. In fact, it used to be so rough that riders had to dismount and lead their horses by the bridle – hence the name. Take plenty of breaks to enjoy the spectacular scenery, fish for yabbies and set up camp. This is what being Aussie is all about.’

4WD Life

Max and Julie Taylor

11. Frenchmans Track, QLD

Located near Pascoe River, approximately 2,400 km from Brisbane
Frenchmans Track Image courtesy of Doug Beckers via flickr
‘The scenery on the Frenchmans track is spectacular. The creeks are beautiful and crossing them is challenging. The track cuts through the Iron Range National Park from Portland Rd near Chili Beach and comes out on the Development Rd North of Archer River Roadhouse. The deepest water crossing is the Pascoe River. Depending on the time of the year the water could be over the bonnet. There is a big rock in the middle of the river to look out for. It has claimed many a diff.’

12. Glass House Mountains, QLD

Located approximately 70 km from Brisbane
Glass House Mountains Image courtesy of russellstreet via flickr
‘The Glass House Mountains are every mans 4WD dream. Well every chance we at 4WDLife get are heading up to the Glass House Mountains as its some of the most amazing 4WDing you will find anywhere, let alone this close to Brisbane. The Glasshouse is simply amazing; we have been going there for some time now and have still not explored all the excellent tracks or surrounding forestry roads. The Glass House simply has something for any keen 4WDriver, if it be your daily driving 4WD with little to no modifications to the most extreme of Four Wheel drives you will find so many challenging yet achievable tracks. The track conditions regularly change in the Glass House also, so be wary even of a track you have travelled once before may be completely impassable in wet weather.’ Looking for more 4WD inspiration? We have one of Australia’s largest collections of four-wheel driving, off road travel, and camping guides, maps and books. If you are looking for a particular one, give us a call on (08) 9335 8665 or contact us online and we’ll track it down for you.
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