Crumpled City Maps

Crumpled City Maps If you are someone who struggles to follow the lines and fold up a traditional map, then the Crumpled City Map is the answer to all your map frustrations. The crumpled map is lightweight, soft and indestructible, so it can be crushed, crumpled and squashed. It also takes only two seconds to open and close. Best of all crumpled maps weight only 21 grams and take up very little space. Crumpled city map Rome Crumpled City Maps include information about the city and unique ‘soulsights’, which are unique places chosen for their ability to move, touch and inspire the intrepid traveller. The Italian-made maps measure 87 x 58cm in size and are available for 50 popular cities around the world. The indestructible maps can be used over and over again. The durability of the maps makes them ideal for kids. With fun icons, the maps detail most of the city’s streets and tourist attractions including galleries, monuments, museums and much more. The Chart & Map Shop stocks most of the Crumpled City Maps and Crumpled City Junior Maps but if you can’t find the city you’re after, let us know. Crumpled City Maps make the perfect gift for an adult or child.

Innovative Publisher - Palomar

Palomar Pin Globe Italian publishers Palomar designed and produced Crumpled City Maps in 2010. The Dezeen Book of Ideas listed the maps as one of the world’s most brilliant design projects. The Crumpled City Map isn’t the publishers only achievement. Here: The Personal Globe is a three-dimensional globe made of sophisticated paperboard with 50 marker pins for tracing your travels. The innovative globes are available in small, medium and large sizes. The Pin World Map is made of a polymer felt in light blue or black colours. Red pins are included for mapping out your travel exploits. Mixed colour pins are available separately. The maps come in three sizes – mini, standard and extra large. Be sure to grab a Crumpled City Map before you travel or buy a Crumpled City Junior Map as a kid's present. You could buy their home city to explore next school holidays or a city they are due to visit. If you have any queries about any Palomar products, visit us in-store or contact us.
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