Hema HX-1 and HN7 Navigator Comparison Chart

Hema HNZ vs HX-1 Loads of people ask what the differences between the Hema HX-1 and HN7 are. In the interests of brevity, here's a chart that outlines all the key differences. Which model is right for you depends a little bit on your needs. To be honest, there are only really two key things that, if you need, would lean you towards the old model - the ability to connect a reversing camera and the option to load your own maps on to it. If neither of those things are important to you, the new model is better in pretty much every other way.
Hema HX-1 Navigator Hema Navigator HN7


Screen 7-inch capacitive multi-touch screen 7-inch resistive touch screen
Display resolution 1024x600px 800x480px
Battery 5000mAh Li-Poly (5+ hours off charge with continuous use) 1500mAh Li-Poly (1.5 hours off charge with continuous use)
Internal memory 16GB (6GB available) 4GB
RAM (processing power) 1GB 128MB
Expandable memory Up to 32GB Up to 32GB
Micro SD slot Yes Yes
Connection Mini-USB Mini-USB
Rear-facing camera Yes No
Reverse camera input No Yes
Headphone jack Yes Yes
Tempered glass screen protector Yes No

Software & Utilities

Operating system Android 4.4 Windows CE
Wi-Fi enabled Yes No
Bluetooth Yes Yes

Street Navigation

Navigation program iGO Navigation Engine iGO Navigation Engine
Data providers HERE road data, Hema track data HERE road data, Hema track data
Australia & New Zealand mapping Yes Yes
Turn-by-turn voice guidance Yes Yes
Speed/red light cameras, school zones Yes Yes
3D buildings/landmarks Yes Yes
Visual lane guidance Yes Yes
Camps & Caravan Parks Australia Wide POI Yes Yes
Camps Snaps site images Yes Yes
Interactive Hema POI Yes No

Off-Road Navigation

Navigation program Hema off-road navigation OziExplorer
Map providers Hema, HERE, Geoscience Australia, States of Queensland, South Australia, Victoria & Tasmania, TopoDude, Land of Property Information Hema, Geoscience Australia
Map sources Hema maps
- Hema Explorer Map (1:18Million - 1:9k)
- Digitised Hema 4WD & touring maps: Cape York, Fraser Island, High Country Victoria, Kimberley, Great Desert Tracks
- Hema 1:1Million Road HERE maps
HERE Street mapping
HERE Terrain mapping
HERE Satellite/Aerial Imagery mapping State Government topographic maps
New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania
Hema maps - Hema 1:250K Topo - Hema 1:1Million Road - Digitised Hema 4WD & touring maps - Digitised Hema state maps
Interactive Hema POI Yes No
Create waypoints Yes Yes
Create point-by-point routes Yes Yes
Quick Routing route generator Yes No
Take geotagged photos Yes No
Import & export GPX files Yes No
Share trips over Wi-Fi Yes No
Weather & rain radar tools (online) Yes No
Placename search Yes Yes

Map Updates

Wireless updates Yes No
Street map updates 3 years free 2 years free
4WD map updates Free for the life of the unit Available for purchase online
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