Hema unveils their new and improved Great Desert Tracks maps

Hema's new improved desert maps Due sometime this month, the 6th edition of Hema's Great Desert Tracks have undergone some major changes. The north and south maps of the East, Central and West regions have been combined and expanded, showing the north on one side and the south on the other, and they've added a Simpson Desert map that has an overview on one side and a detailed 1:500 000 map on the other. So there are now 4 maps in the series instead of 6 and they cover right up into the north of WA which was always a glaring omission. As well as completely updated mapping, Hema have added relief shading and elevation tinting to give a much better idea of the landscape. As with the previous editions, these maps have been field checked by Hema and come with GPS surveyed roads and tracks, fuel and provision availability, permit and contact details, and details and map references for interesting stuff throughout the region. For travelling the outback, you can't beat this series of maps and they're printed on waterproof, tear-proof paper, so spilling your beer on them is no longer a problem. Except for the fact that you've just wasted beer.


They've arrived! Simpson Desert, Eastern Sheet, Western Sheet & Central Sheet
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