Transferring data from your old GPS to your Hema Navigator

Hema navigator system A customer recently came in asking how to get the waypoints he got from a friend’s Garmin into his new Hema HN7. I actually didn’t know how, or even if, it could be done, so I took upon myself to find out. Turns out it’s pretty easy! And not just for Garmin to Hema, this will work for pretty much any GPS or software package to any other GPS or software package. In this particular case, the customer had waypoints in a GPX file from a Garmin, but you can do this with pretty much any waypoint or track file format. I’m going to assume you already have a waypoint file because getting that out of your current unit is going to be different for everyone. In most cases it will involve connecting your unit to your computer and looking for an option somewhere to export data. Your user manual should tell you how to do this part. Once you have your waypoint file on your computer, all you need to do is download the excellent (and free!) tool, GPSBabel. Once you have that installed, fire it up and you will be greeted with this screen: Steps to transfer gps data to hema navigator From there the steps are as follows: 1. In the Input box, choose the format of your waypoint file from the dropdown menu. In this case it was GPX XML. 2. Still in the input box, click on ‘File Name’ and navigate to the waypoint file. Don’t worry about the options. 3. In the Output box, choose the format you want to convert it to. If you want to transfer the waypoints to a Hema Navigator, choose OziExplorer. 4. Click on ‘File Name’, pick somewhere to put the new file and give it a name. Again, if you’re transferring to a Hema Navigator, the file extension is .wpt 5. Click ‘OK’, wait a few seconds and BAM, new waypoint file! Then it’s just a matter of copying the waypoint file to your Navigator. If people aren't sure how to do that, let me know and I'll write another tutorial!
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