World Globes: Travel Inspiration is Only an Arm’s Length Away

The World Globe It’s a scorching hot day outside; you’re sitting at your desk watching the clock tick the seconds away at an unfairly slow rate. You’re meant to be tying up the ends to that report for your boss but you keep getting distracted by the world globe that sits in the corner of your desk. You can see the outline of various countries that stir up thoughts of wanderlust you had quashed, since you were meant to be working on your career

Travel Inspiration

You’ve tried to shake off the longing to travel and put your head down to try move up the corporate ladder, but is that what you really want? Or is it just what society says you should want and pressure from the family keeps pushing you to want? Your Mums words are ringing in your ears; ‘work hard and save for the future and one day you will have your own place’. But how many weeks, days, hours, minuteWorld Globe Brass Frame s and seconds are you going to have to sit at this desk eyeing up the world globe and spinning it, planning a fantasy trip before you achieve this? Instead of trying to resist the urge to travel, why not grab onto the idea and run with it. Tumblr houses some of the best travel blogs online, take a look through and get some travel inspiration. The house with the picket fence, the perfect family life and career aspirations are all still achievable at any age. There is no written rule as to what timeframe you have to do these things by, even though your family is trying to tell you it’s now. The one thing that is for sure is when you get these things, it will be a whole lot harder to up and leave on that dream trip. ‘The only trip you will regret is the one you didn’t take’. So next time you take a break from the desk, why not linger a bit longer next to your world globe with a coffee and take a moment to appreciate the vast and expansive beauty of the world you yet have to discover. Instead of pushing the thoughts of travel out of your mind, start to put a plan together of where you would like to visit and how you’re going to make that happen. National Geographic Neon Executive Illuminated 30cm GlobeFinish that frustratingly boring project for your boss and turn your attention to the countries, islands and expanses of sea that you are lucky enough to have at an arm’s length. Which place gets your heart racing just that little bit faster? Where can you see yourself next jumping out of your comfort zone? Don’t know? Then give it a spin, close your eyes, throw down a finger and get planning. World globes are not just there to fill up desk space and collect dust, they are inspirational tools that are going to stir up thoughts of adventure in the person that is ready to go. It just depends whether you are ready to take that leap into the unknown and be brave enough to follow your dreams.

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