Bush Survival Tips

Dense Bush With the right know-how and skills, you can survive some of the harshest environments in the world - the Australian bush. Protect yourself and fellow travellers with the information you will need if you become lost on a bush walk or your vehicle breaks down off the beaten track.

Australian Bush Survival Books

According to bush survival experts, your top five priorities when stranded are water, warmth, shelter, signals and food. Learn the tips and techniques to satisfy these priorities through our comprehensive range of books and guides to guarantee your survival. Below are a list of the best bush survival guides.

Bush Tukka GuideBush Tukka Guide

Known as the ‘Bush Tukka Woman’ author Samantha Martin will show you how and where to source plants and animals. As a descendant of a long line of hunters and gatherers from the east Kimberley region in WA, Samantha shares her knowledge of how to eat off the land and water.

Wilderness Survival HandbookWilderness Survival Handbook

Covers 100 skills and techniques on preserving fire, building pit shelters, toolmaking, stone boiling cookery, and trapping and hunting animals with handmade tools and weapons.

Waterford Field Guide: Building a Survival KitWaterford Field Guide: Building A Survival Kit

Almost indestructible and waterproof this guide will teach you what to put into your kit before you leave home and how to protect your core temperature from extreme weather conditions.

Waterford Field Guide: Improvised Hunting WeaponsWaterford Field Guide: Improvised Hunting Weapons

Knowing how to secure food will greatly improve your chances of survival. Learn how to hunt, gather and fish with simple, improvised items.

Waterford Field Guide: Signaling For RescueWaterford Field Guide: Signalling for Rescue

Learn how to make yourself visible to rescuers through contrast and movement as well as how to leave clues if you are moving.

Essential Survival SkillsEssential Survival Skills

Suitable for all ages to learn key tips and techniques for surviving in the wilderness.

Staying Safe in the Australian Bush: A Traveller’s GuideStaying Safe in the Australian Bush: A Traveller's Guide

Well-travelled author, Hugh McManners, provides a wide range of safety information as well as practical tips and ideas on what to do when your safety is under threat out in the bush.

Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook: First Aid for Travelers, Backpackers & AdventurersOutdoor Medical Emergency Handbook: First Aid for Travelers, Backpackers & Adventurers

Learn how to prevent, treat and care for illnesses and injuries while outdoors. The waterproof cover and at-a-glance design make it ideal to take with you in case you need a ready guide for wounds and bleeding, resuscitation, bites and poisoning. If you are looking for a particular book on bush survival, contact us on 08 9335 8665, email or visit us in-store.
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