Updating your Nautical Charts

Nautical Charts I propose to construct a new chart for navigating, on which I shall delineate all the sea and lands of the Ocean in their proper positions under their bearings... Christopher Columbus, Explorer, 1451 - 1506 Nothing stays the same; certainly not the oceans of the world. Every change on the water needs to be reflected on its nautical chart. These charts are navigational tools vital for all watercraft providing concise information about ocean depths and coastal features plus information about lights, beacons, piles, nautical limits and all navigational hazards. Every map supplied by The Chart & Map Shop is fully corrected on the day you buy it but how do you keep it up to date as the day you bought it?

Western Australian Navigation Charts

1108 - Coral Bay

The Western Australian Department of Transport publishes detailed nautical charts of the WA coast for recreation and commercial mariners. The charts are compiled to meet the specifications of the International Hydrographic Organisation, the worldwide charting standardisation authority.

Keep your charts up to date by visiting the Department of Transport Notices to Mariners and Navigational Warnings. You can choose to display or print the last five notices or all notices. Inserts and deletions are listed as well as PDF files of block inserts which may be printed without scaling and pasted onto your paper chart to ensure it is up to date.

Australian Marine Maps

AUS 252 - Whitsunday Group

Australian Notices to Mariners Editions are the authority for correcting Australian Navigational Charts and Australian Nautical Publications. Notices are published fortnightly by the Australian Hydrographic Office and are numbered 1 to 26 each calendar year. The Department of Defence publishes Notices to Members on its Australian Hydrographic Service website. Tracings and blocks can be printed for pasting onto charts. The Australian Hydrographic Service also provides an eNotice service which allows mariners to receive Notices to Mariners for charts and nautical publications via email. To use the service, simply register for eNotices and create your portfolio of charts and nautical publications by selecting from a scrollable list during registration. As Australian Notices to Mariners are published, you will be automatically emailed the Notices that affect your portfolio of charts and publications. For more information about updating your nautical charts, view the Australian Hydrographic Service’s Chart Updating Guide.

International Charts

BA 143 - Jazirat at Ta ' ir to Bab el Mandeb

The British Admiralty produce charts for every other ocean in the world. The Chart & Map Shop is the only Western Australian stockist of the 3,500 or so charts. The Notices to Mariners for all of their charts can be found on the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office website. Search for updates by chart number, Notice to Mariners (NM) number, by year, by a specific date, update list by chart number and by NM number and year. New Zealand charts can be updated using the Land Information New Zealand Notices to Mariners, published fortnightly and annually.

History of Australian Charts

Australian Hydrographic Service The Australian Hydrographic Service was established, and assumed responsibility for hydrographic surveys in Australia, in 1920. In 1946, the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) was given responsibility for maintaining national hydrographic surveying, nautical charting and the provision of hydrographic services. The RAN meets Australia's obligations to provide hydrographic services as required by the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). Its traditions and methods take their origins from those of the Royal Navy and the pioneers of hydrography. The Chart & Map Shop has a dedicated staff member who updates all nautical charts available for sale. If you have any queries about accessing Notice to Mariners or updating your charts, don’t hesitate to contact us on 08 9335 8665, email or visit us in-store.
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