Free Camping SA - Where to Camp for Free in South Australia

Free Camping South Australia The halfway point between the west and east coasts, South Australia has so much to offer travellers. Amongst inhospitable desert country in the north, a stunning coastline, and quaint country towns in the south, there are some great free campgrounds in SA you should try out! Whether your looking to save some money while travelling around South Australia or find the perfect campsite for your caravan we have you covered with this list.

Free and Low Cost Campsites

There are plenty of free and low cost campsites available in South Australia. Here are a few you should try out.

Terowie Railway Yard

Terrowie Image courtesy of Peterdownunder via Wikimedia Commons
Location: Terowie Railway Siding, 220 km north of Adelaide Access: Large open flat grass area Suitable for: Big rigs, caravans, self-contained vehicles Facilities: Toilets in main street Cost: Free for 24 hours Tips: Pet friendly, very small country town with a tiny population What to Do/See: Discover Terowie’s historic buildings including hardware store, pub and blacksmith shops built in the 1870s and 1880s. Adjacent to the main street is the Terowie Arid Lands Botanic Garden containing 250 species of trees and shrubs. Look out for examples of Aboriginal painting and carvings in the Ketchowla Historic Reserve. Ideal visit for photographers, history and railway buffs.

Kingston SE Jetty Parking

Kingston Lobster Image courtesy of riana_dzasta via Wikimedia Commons
Location: Kingston SE Jetty, Kingston SW, 300 km south of Adelaide Access: Large flat grass area Suitable for: Big rigs, caravans, camper trailers, no sleeping in vehicles, no tents allowed Facilities: Toilets, showers, picnic table Cost: Free for 24 hours, donations welcome Tips: Pet friendly, pack the fishing rod What to Do/See: Home of the Big Lobster, fondly named Larry. You can’t miss the 17 metre high steel and fibreglass Larry as you roll into town. Thousands of visitors tick him off their list of Australian Big Things to See each year. Check out the Cape Jaffa lighthouse down the road, and the stunning bays and beaches.

Kimba Recreation Reserve

Kimba Image courtesy of District Council of Kimba
Location: North Terrace, Kimba, 460 km north west of Adelaide Access: Blue metal ground Suitable for: Big rigs, caravans, camper trailers, self-contained vehicles, motorbikes, tents Facilities: Toilets, shaded sites, picnic tables, BBQ, water, dump point, free wifi Cost: Donations appreciated to help keep the site clean, available for multiple nights stay, $1 for 2 minute shower at sporting club Tips: Pet friendly, wheelchair friendly, shuttle bus into town hotel for $1 or take walking path about 1km away, popular spot. What to Do/See: Kimba is halfway across Australia between Sydney and Perth so check out the sign, you can’t miss the Big Galah an 8 metre tall statue located out the front of the gem shop, Viterra’s Kimba Silo artwork is spectacular day or night and walk or drive to the Edward John Eyre Sculptures.

Worlds End Reserve at Burra Gorge

Burra Gorge Image courtesy of denisbin via flickr
Location: Worlds End Gorge Road, Worlds End, 130 north-east of Adelaide Access: Sealed bitumen road until you reach the campground Suitable for: Big rigs, caravans, camper trailers, self-contained vehicles, motorbikes, tents Facilities: Drop toilets, picnic tables, fire pits, bins, shaded sites Cost: Free Tips: Walking and hiking tracks available, for the best chance at seeing wildlife like kangaroos, emus and native Australian birds walk up the creek. Visit the Burra copper mine and railway station. What to Do/See: Spectacular gum trees at campsite, enjoy long walks amongst nature. To discover the history of Burra ask for the Burra Heritage Passport from the tourist centre. This will give you access the towns most historic sites.

Fitzgerald Bay Campground

Fitzgerald Bay Image courtesy of
Location: Port Douglas Rd, Whyalla, 400 km north of Adelaide Access: Track can be rough in parts so 4WD only Suitable for: 4WD towing camper trailers, motorbikes, tents Facilities: Fire pits Cost: Free Tips: Pet friendly, mobile phone coverage available, Fitzgerald North site has toilets and water, don’t forget the fly spray What to Do/See: Swimming, fishing, walking, enjoy the views and sunset

Hettner Landing

Hettner Landing Image courtesy of denisbin via flickr
Location: Cliff View Drive, Wongulla, 110 km east of Adelaide Access: Good gravel road in Suitable for: Caravans, camper trailers, self-contained vehicles, tents without tent pegs Facilities: Toilets, wheelchair friendly, picnic tables, BBQ, bins, shaded sites Cost: Free Tips: Only a few spots beside river but plenty available on dirt road, weekends can be noisy with speed boats and jet skis. What to Do/See: Camping on the banks of the Murray River offers swimming, fishing, great views, wildlife, walk to shop 50 metres away, walk to Maynard Lookout 1.5 km away

Holder Bend Reserve

Location: 74 Holder Bottom Road, Waikerie, 180 km north-east of Adelaide Access: Dirt road, fine for 2WD vehicles Suitable for: Big rigs, caravans, camper trailers, self-contained vehicles, motorbikes, tents Facilities: Shaded sites, creek water but treat before using Cost: Free - 7 day limit Tips: Pet friendly, take your own firewood in season, roomy but some sites are uneven What to Do/See: Another Murray River campsite with swimming, fishing, boat ramp nearby, bird watching with over 200 species in the area, local drives and walks in Waikerie region to investigate lagoons, backwaters and wineries.

Montecollina Bore Campground

Location: Strzelecki Track, Moomba, 1,100 km north of Adelaide Access: Dirt road with gravel parking Suitable for: Big rigs, caravans, camper trailers Facilities: Picnic tables, water but needs treating first Cost: Free Tips: The site is on private property. Call Lindon Station for weather conditions before heading out as can be inaccessible during the wet season. What to Do/See: The Strzelecki Track offers travellers views of Flinders Ranges at the start, historic landmarks and sites of famous explorers Burke and Wills. Fishing, boating and canoeing is available along the track.

Port Augusta Sports Club Motorhome Park

Water Tower Lookout Image courtesy of
It might not be free but this low cost campground is a popular site in South Australia. For only $7.00 per night and a short distance from nearby shops you can’t complain. Location: 58 Old Power Station Road, Port Augusta, 320 km north of Adelaide Access: Open gravel area Suitable for: Big rigs, caravans, camper trailers, self-contained vehicles, no tents allowed Facilities: Bins, water, toilets available when football club is open otherwise walk into town Cost: $7 per night for 2 people paid at clubhouse & display on dash for up to 14 nights, $3 dump point charge if not camping Tips: Pet friendly, mobile and TV reception, dump point, generators allowed, a popular spot with tourists passing through from Victoria and off the Nullarbor so arrive early before it fills up, Sports club does good meals. What to Do/See: For a view of Port Augusta and the surrounding area climb the steep stairs of the Water Tower Lookout and visit the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden and interpretive centre, stock up on supplies before you head off on your next adventure.

South Australian National Parks

If you like to immerse yourself in nature, there are plenty of campsites in South Australia’s beautiful national parks. The nightly cost for most sites is $15 for two adults. Sites can be booked in advance so you have peace of mind knowing you have a site when you arrive.

Free Campsites in SA for Caravans & RVs

Several SA towns have put out the welcome mat for caravanners looking for a free night’s stay. To be part of the RV Friendly Town program, a town must provide parking for towing vehicles within the shopping precinct, short-term free or low-cost overnight parking for self-contained recreation vehicles, access to potable water and access to a free dump point. Some towns meet the program’s desirable criteria offering long-term parking for self-contained vehicles, a medical facility, a pharmacy, and a visitor information centre along with a town map.

Free Camping South Australia Maps & Guides

Check out these resources to help with planning your free stays around South Australia. The Camping Guide to South Australia has loads of campsites in the the state. Not just free ones, but they are in there. The Camps 10 book has large scale maps for planning where you will spend the night and how you will enjoy your days. There are 4,500+ free or low cost camp sites in caravan parks, national parks, state parks and stations. A cheaper option is the Guide to Free Campsites, with over 1600 free sites around Australia listed. A good map of South Australia will also help with finding the campsites. If you are after a particular book, map or a recommendation, don’t hesitate to ask the expert staff at The Chart & Map Shop by calling (08) 9335 8665 or contact us online.
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