Ticking Antarctica off your Bucket List

Antarctic glacier tourist attraction With its reputation as the coldest, windiest, driest continent on earth, it’s a wonder there have been any travel brochures printed for Antarctica. But plenty of people have a visit there listed on their bucket list and tourism numbers are growing. In 2013-14 37,000 people visited the cold continent. Of these 10,000 travelled in ships in Antarctic waters but didn’t land. In 2011-12 there were only 26,000, a sharp decline following the banning of large cruise ships after the 2007-08 season which recorded 46,000. The delicate Antarctic ecosystem has no doubt breathed a sigh of relief.

1875 Map of Antarctica

1875 Antarctica map

Tourist Attractions in Antarctica

While you won’t find too many coffee shops and shopping malls, there are a surprising number of things to see and do in Antarctica.
  • Nestle into huge penguin colonies
  • Photograph the native seals, whales and birds
  • Take a polar plunge if you’re game
  • Visit the old whaling station at Deception Bay
  • Watch the whales swim by
  • Go camping in a tent to get up close with the wildlife
  • Take a zodiac tour through the icebergs
  • Mail a postcard at Port Lockroy
  • Kayak in the stunning icy waters
If you are planning the adventure of a lifetime or you have an interest in the far reaches of the southern hemisphere, check out our selection of maps and reading material. The Lonely Planet Antarctica Travel Guide – a resource to get you ready for your big visit that includes the best travel advice on what to see and hidden discoveries. Antarctica Map (1957) – published at a pivotal time in Antarctica’s exploration history, this map details the geography and history of multi-national expeditions. Antarctica Map – this political flat map details the territories as well as British Antarctic Survey information on scientific research, Antarctica's climate and resources. Antarctica Executive – if you are looking for a map to decorate the office wall then this is the one. It has muted, antique tones and is available flat or mounted in a walnut frame. Antarctica and the Arctic – if you haven’t decided if you are travelling to the north or south pole yet, this one is for you. The Antarctic side covers a topographic map including the coastline and ice shelves; bathymetry; ice/rock limits; contours, key mountain summits and hill-shaded terrain, and scientific research stations. The Arctic side includes the coastline bathymetry; contours, key mountain summits and hill-shaded terrain, major rivers and lakes, and glaciers and ice caps. It also shows major towns, transport networks, airports and national boundaries. Living on the Edge: A Year in Antarctica – the story of Australian couple Jim and Yvonne Claypole who lived in a tiny hut chained to rocks battling the extreme cold and isolation. From Venus to Antarctica – A detailed biography of the journeys of D'Urville - from Guam to Antarctica. If you are looking for a map or book on Antarctica, let the team at Chart & Map point you in the right direction. Call (08) 9335 8665, visit us in-store or online.
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