Western Australian geological maps now available

Western Australian Geological Map Several weeks ago, we acquired a shiny new large format printer to do whatever we liked with. It fell off the back a truck or something, long story. Anyway, since then, we've been busily calling everyone we can think of to ask if we can print any of their stuff right here in the shop. The first yes, and one of the more exciting, came from the Western Australian Department of Mines & Petroleum, who seemed bang-up for the idea! So they handed over the files for all their 1:250 000 and 1:100 000 geological maps of the state, made us sign some important looking things and sent us on our way. Pretty exciting right? And look how cool they are! I have no idea what they mean (yet), but they sure are pretty and I've no doubt all you rock botherers out there will be pleased as punch with these new additions. Also, stay tuned for (hopefully) lots more stuff as we try to convince other people to let us print their things... (Hint: Hema and Landgate are getting on board very soon!)
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